Diffusible Sentence Examples | Use Diffusible in a sentence

1.the maximum field on the right of ring junction decreases with the increase of ring spacing and lateral Diffusible depth.

2.it is manifested that h d escape characteristic is influenced by many factors including Diffusible hydrogen content, chemical composition, surface state.

3.the financial risks of the subsidiaries are infectious inside and Diffusible outside the enterprise group.

4.Diffusible strategy based on tcp interception in trusted-network

5.welding consumables - determination of moisture resistance of manual metal arc welding electrodes by measurement of Diffusible hydrogen.

6.experimental study on a new-type Diffusible gas-solid separator with downward exhaust gas

7.and then glycerol to determine the Diffusible hydrogen content of deposited metal.

8.the critical concentration of Diffusible hydrogen for hydrogen-induced ductility loss and delayed failure, however, was about 0.26 × 10-4%.

9.there shall be no harmful gas, soot, dust, radioactive substances or other Diffusible sources of pollution around the enterprise.

10.the content of Diffusible hydrogen in welded metal was determined according to the glycerine method.

11.nitric oxide(no) is one of the ten smallest chemical molecules found so far in nature and is a small highly Diffusible bioactive molecule.

12.environment impact of cascade hydropower project is characterized with accumulating, Diffusible and potential effects.

13.the methods of forecasting and controlling the Diffusible hydrogen are presented.

14.the variation of the size distribution, the fluid field and the separation efficiency of a new type Diffusible gas solid separator under different operation conditions and the constructional details are experimentally investigated by the method of pda.

15.the electrode has not only good usability but also low Diffusible hydrogen, and the weld metal has matched strength and toughness.

16.measurement of Diffusible hydrogen within weld metal by a gas chromatography

17.experimental study of Diffusible hydrogen in weld metal

18.this paper deals with Diffusible hydrogen content ( h do) of electrode deposited metal and the relationship between h d and Diffusible time ( h d escape characteristic).

19.when humidity was high, and we used flux cored wire, high welding current, as shielding gas in the welding process, Diffusible hydrogen in weld would increase remarkably.

20.effect of torrefied conditions of basic welding rod coating on Diffusible hydrogen ( h_d) in weld metal

21.the absolutely necessary measures are to control linear energy and Diffusible hydrogen content in electrode deposited metal, to select proper pre-heat temperature and to punctually perform hydrogen-eliminating treatment.

22.the effect of moisture and alcohol content in co_2 shielding gas on Diffusible hydrogen content in deposited weld metal and quality of the welded joint are studied for co_2 arc welding process in the paper.

23.the flow in the Diffusible cyclone separator is extremely complex gas-solid strongly swirling flow, and the study of Diffusible cyclone is relatively less at present. the paper uses the method that uniting numerical simulation with experimental verification, to research the separation performance of Diffusible cyclone separator.

24.the effect of different kinds and different content rare earth oxide added in coated electrode on low temperature notch toughness, weld metal microstructure and Diffusible hydrogen was studied.

25.study on Diffusible hydrogen dynamic distributions in welded zone of alloyed steels

26.adding the different nanometer ceo2 content to alkali iron powder electrode, the Diffusible hydrogen content, low-temperature impact and chemical composition of the weld were tested.

27.but, the effect of Diffusible double-layer on double layer capacitance is re-duced and even eliminated through increasing pore sizes of carbon electrodes or electrolyte concentration.

28.perform Diffusible hydrogen test and report the results which doesn't meet the prescribed requirement.

29.effect of re content on Diffusible hydrogen escape characteristic and microstructure of electrode's deposited metal

30.it is firstly described as a Diffusible multifunctional second messenger in animals since it plays various functions including the relaxation of blood vessels, neurotransmission and defense during immune response etc.

31.the combination of low wages, Diffusible technology and the ability to access global product and financial markets has fuelled an economic explosion.

32.during diffusion, fe has a long Diffusible distance and cr occurs up hill diffusion.

33.influence of microelement on Diffusible hydrogen in weld bead

34.the test results have shown the critical preheat temperatures are 60 ℃ and 100 ℃ when the contents of Diffusible hydrogen in the weld metal are 1ml/ 100g and 2ml/ 100g respectively.

35.it has low Diffusible hydrogen and good low-temperature impact toughness, suitable for welding middle-carbon steel and pressure containers of low-temperature steel.

36.perform wire surface quality and welding properties inspection, besides perform Diffusible hydrogen test.

37.nitric oxide (no) is a freely Diffusible , gaseous compound and an important signal molecule in living organisms.

38.relativity between coating compounds of covered electrodes and Diffusible hydrogen

39.it is determined that under 200 ℃, the change of the heating temperature of samples only changes the time of measuring Diffusible hydrogen and does not affect its results.