Difficulties Sentence Examples | Use Difficulties in a sentence

1.despite the newly rediscovered friendship, there's no doubt that more Difficulties lie ahead.

2.the immense Difficulties facing european businessmen in russia were only too evident

3.they overcame all kinds of Difficulties by dint of an indomitable spirit.

4.these Difficulties have been overcome without detriment to performance.

5.if you undertake the project, you are bound to encounter Difficulties.

6.in fact, among the many Difficulties of life and even the failure, can only be regarded as a bunch of years of uncoordinated song notes.

7.the government still face very serious Difficulties

8.however great the Difficulties may be, we can overcome them.

9.even if many Difficulties remain, we can overcome them.

10.it was referred to possible breastfeeding Difficulties, speech problem, malocclusion and gingival recession.

11.we overcame many unforeseen Difficulties.

12.chapter 2 concerns itself with the methodological Difficulties.

13.you have to admit that you are, in fact, in Difficulties

14.he is easily discouraged by Difficulties and obstacles.

15.the poor peasant's son worked his way through Difficulties and finally became a specialist in forensic medicine.

16.the discussions were beset with Difficulties.

17.we should not overlook the Difficulties.

18.new Difficulties cropped up [ arose].

19.in the event of Difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact our customer service department

20.now i meet with fewer Difficulties in my work.

21.bobbie was not the kind to be discouraged by obstacles and later his ingenuity overcame the Difficulties.

22.well, it sounds as if i'm exaggerating the Difficulties, but the facts is i'm only telling the truth.

23.but family pressure had induced him to follow his father into medicine, and he began to be fascinated by the Difficulties of birth.

24.anyone will help you when you meet with Difficulties.

25.throughout this period she also continued to receive counseling for her marital Difficulties through an employee assistance program.

26.i hope to find an honourable way of settling Difficulties.

27.the teachers give individual tutoring to students who are having Difficulties.

28.we fear no death, let alone Difficulties.

29.he had by no means realised the gravity and the complication of the Difficulties which he would have to face.

30.whenever we met with Difficulties, they came to help us.

31.at last he seemed to have solved the main Difficulties. but he did not publish his findings at once.

32.poor self-esteem is at the centre of many of the Difficulties we experience in our relationships.

33.to ease financial Difficulties, farmers could be compensated for their loss of subsidies.

34.but those lacking a family tradition of continuing education still face Difficulties.

35.mr dobson is at the heart of his movement's Difficulties, just as he used to epitomise its success.

36.the company is in financial Difficulties.

37.the country is facing great economic Difficulties.

38.they encountered untold Difficulties and dangers before they reached their destination.

39.inevitably, the proposal is running into Difficulties.

40.under such circumstances, it is little wonder that they experience Difficulties