Differentia Sentence Examples | Use Differentia in a sentence

1.comparing chinese standard with european standard and american standard, some technologies were illuminated on their common ground and Differentia.

2.there are mainly three kinds of sememe motion patterns in extended noun meanings, namely, generic sememe heredity that is new extended sememe formed by the changing of Differentia sememe;

3.to use excel and spss statistical software for survey data analysis to make descriptive analysis and Differentia analysis.

4.but whether which model or not, different methods of parameters fitness, the results have distinctly Differentia.

5.we have to find, then, some Differentia of training from education.

6.Differentia and unification of nas and san

7.the forth chapter introduces achievement of calculating charge about short message, the main rule of calculating charge, the sameness and Differentia of every program and the analysis of the results.

8.then we analyze the Differentia between electronic evidence and digital evidence, computer evidence and scientific evidence.

9.confucian thought-courtesy is ethics which lays emphasis on grade Differentia of seniority.

10.we can then take note of various Differentia, which distinguish humans from other animals.

11.in order to resolve the Differentia among telecom equipments, the management strategy are presented by classes and levels.

12.by constantly creating context Differentia, the writer of chuangtzu implies his rhetorical cognition to draw attention and reflection, thus attempting to achieve the best communicative effects.

13.the Differentia between the water level and the max.

14.study of all kinds of operators ( such as partial Differentia operators) on manifolds.

15.english optional courses are important part of school curriculum, showing Differentia, diversity and flexibility of curriculum.

16.in this paper, it has deeply studied the principle and key technology of crm, and the Differentia between manufacturing industry and other industry such as finance and retail.

17.employee flow is caused by profession Differentia, individual need and business need.

18.all tourist destinations have such three characteristics as combination, complexity and Differentia.

19.in the circulation of interpretation, relativity and absoluteness are objective existence. therefore, there certainly exist two aspects of Differentia and relativity, unity and absoluteness in understanding marxist philosophy.

20.the core competition orientation in particular, the key of it is to adapt Differentia strategy so as to ensure the specific logistics services to the customers.

21.the results are shown as follows: 1. there is a Differentia between the demographic variables and the ocb of the employee. research on Differentiation of ocb under four types of organization culture

22.the Differentia of the two is that vision strategy action is apt to being influenced by enterprise mission and related factors.

23.with each dialog list` s collection dot, we adopt different programs about calculating charge, these programs about calculating charge have not only sameness but also Differentia.

24.the utility model discloses a velocity Differentia lever type sequential rice seedling thrown device.

25.senior personage thinks to this, this Differentia different basically is behaved in thing square idea different.

26.knowledge worker can be defined as someone who is engaging in knowledge work in accordance with the way of "genus and Differentia" according to the formal logic.

27.according to the analysis results, the mvc pattern is chosen as the theoretical basis of the scene simulation system. secondly, the Differentia between interactive scene simulation system and traditional interactive system is summarized.

28.introduces the leakage existed in the condition of small pressure Differentia in the system of service of kick-back high pressure electromagnetic valve, analyses its causes and gives the developing procedures, solutions and application result.

29.the theory of Differentia gives us the cut-through explanation to the juvenile crime in macao.

30.this paper reviews the study progresses of pancreatic encephalopathy. about pathogenesis, diagnosis and Differentia. . .

31.using different sidetracking methods, its success ratio and effectiveness Differentia are large.

32.there is obvious Differentia of the uplift processes during the late cenozoic between the east and west kunlun mountains.

33.the building is taller, this Differentia surprise is more obvious.

34.the wedding dress differs from blanket clothing, the Differentia of its most is generally the material that starts to lie in application for the end, gauze, and the net cloth waits special material.

35.improve the Differentia degree of banking production.

36.of course, there are so many Differentia between the two markets, for instance, the stock segmentation in mainland securities market.