Different Sentence Examples | Use Different in a sentence

1.there are 32 Different kinds of chocolate on sale along with the bread and cakes.

2.foreign countries have a Different way of life from ours.

3.london was Different from most european capitals

4.we have a Different background, a Different history. accordingly, we have the right to Different futures

5.minerals can be absorbed and utilized by the body in a variety of Different forms.

6.and yet when you think of nike, you feel something Different than a shoe company.

7.we're not like them. it's Different with us

8.like most of my contemporaries, i grew up in a vastly Different world.

9.steve and i were at very Different stages in our respective careers

10.they compared how these organisms behaved when left in contact with Different materials

11.i knew tj was Different when he was just three days old. he was very fretful, he'd be up feeding all night and was always very tense.

12.the twins were separated at birth and brought up in entirely Different environments.

13.we were quite Different in outlook, philip and i.

14.people still have Different opinions on this question.

15.in most languages adjectives have slightly Different spellings for masculine and feminine

16.i realized that he and i belonged to Different worlds.

17.he's Different from my ex.

18.in experimenting we find out that sound travels with Different velocities through Different substances.

19.now it is Different from the past.

20.my childhood was no Different from that of many boys from poor families: informal jobs; very little formal education.

21.it's reasonable to believe that the best choices for the corresponding data storage and access structure sought to be just as Different.

22.if he'd attended music school, how might things have been Different?

23.the badges come in twenty Different colours and shapes.

24.we sampled a selection of Different bottled waters.

25.our children's Different needs and learning styles created many problems

26.wheat and oats are of the same family, but of Different genera.

27.Different countries specialised in Different products

28.as we walked the streets of the town, i began to see something Different about it, that its glory may be gone but its wealth still exists.

29.they found their computers producing Different results from exactly the same calculation.

30.in a Different era, all this might have caused great worry in britain and, as a result, generated even more tension within the eu.

31.we have totally Different views.

32.each time you explain it you can make it a little more clear if you describe it from a Different direction, perspective or point of view.

33.he was examined again and then prescribed a Different herbal medicine.

34.but many leaders have invested their ill-gotten gains in several Different countries.

35.this recipe is certainly interesting and Different.

36.next week we will talk about how this process changes as you grow to 75 people. it a very Different process at that point.

37.no pct dog products can be suitable for children of Different ages and arbitrary allocation of the growth stage of the children.

38.we will be exploring Different approaches to gathering information.

39.in their own work they may have favored the use of methodology Different from mine.

40.he said the software uses a number of Different variables to score a message; those above a certain threshold get tagged as spam.