Diagram Sentence Examples | Use Diagram in a sentence

1.this tool provides complete support for uml2 model and Diagram types.

2.the Diagram in figure 1 illustrates the architecture of the apache wink client framework.

3.this creates and opens anew class Diagram.

4.in the case of the crm business process, a uml Diagram was created to document the design pattern guiding the creation of any new playbook.

5.the data required at a secondary server might be a subset of the data available at the primary server ( see first Diagram above ) .

6.choosing which Diagram to use is often a matter of convenience and personal preference.

7.this is represented in the schematic Diagram below.

8.figure 1 illustrates the above process in a simplified sequence flow Diagram.

9.the straight-line portion of the Diagram up to almost the yield point is known as the elastic region of the Diagram.

10.the construction of a logarithmic Diagram is straightforward.

11.this Diagram is a good illustration of polymorphism.

12.this mode provides more screen area for Diagram drawing.

13.the engineer drew a Diagram of the bridge.

14.you can choose from three views: details, a distribution graph, and a kiviat Diagram.

15.note: if you create the class from the Diagram, ignore this step.

16.figure 4 shows the database entity model Diagram.

17.one example of this configuration is shown in the following Diagram.

18.sketch Diagrams were improved so that you can modify the color and font in the Diagram editor.

19.you can also open the existing e/ r Diagram to analyze and gather information.

20.finally, figure 12 shows the output report with created Diagram and related artifacts.

21.at the bottom of the Diagram , are the indirection support classes i mentioned in the first paragraph of this section .

22.you can reduce long explanations to simple charts or Diagrams.

23.he drew a Diagram to show us how to get to his house.

24.the relation between the two classes is also represented in this Diagram.

25.we reproduced a same working schematic Diagram.

26.figure 1 shows a context Diagram for a retail system.

27.the wiring Diagram in figure 7 shows all the connections that you need to make.

28.figure 1 provides a Diagram of this system.

29.the Diagram in figure 3 shows a high-level view of the connectivity and hardware requirements for this event.

30.what you need, then, is to understand how to translate a business process model Diagram into a wsfl flow model.

31.uml2 structure Diagrams, such as a class Diagram, show relationships between classes or components.

32.you can create a sequence Diagram of the java code in that method.

33.like any such Diagram, it is a simplification.

34.the new out of a small demo, which includes the circuit schematic Diagram and demo program, to share with you.

35.figure 7 shows the use case Diagram for the system.

36.if you draw a Diagram on the screen of a tablet computer, like the new apple ipad, the computer can of course store the drawing as an image.

37.these objects are shown in the class Diagram in figure 2.

38.let's assume for a moment that the class Diagram in figure 1 describes the business objects and the relationships between them.

39.in this Diagram there are three lists.

40.in addition, it was sometimes easy to forget you had the default stop node at the end of the Diagram.