Determination Sentence Examples | Use Determination in a sentence

1.he displayed Determination as well as powerful oratory.

2.his face was set in an expression of stubborn Determination. monday, senor menem had returned, apparently fired with new Determination.

4.the chancellor emphasised his Determination to promote openness and transparency in the government's economic decision-making.

5.stoichiometry: Determination of the proportions (by weight or number of molecules) in which elements or compounds react with one another.

6.their indecision has been replaced by confidence and steely Determination

7.ken's jaw jutted with Determination. is only our Determination to fight that has pulled us through.

9.the number of prisoners increased as a corollary of the government's Determination to combat violent crime.

10.objective to solve the question of "double loop" in the potency Determination of gentamicin sulfate granules including the content of sugar. tempest is capable of shattering his firm Determination.

12.he reaffirmed their Determination to tackle inflation

13.all through his life he has shown a quiet Determination to get things done.

14.railway rolling stock. Determination of comfort connected with an air-conditioning system for railway vehicles. thermic test. that you have expressed your Determination, you should act.

16.the second thing we then need to look at is a Determination of how much we want to invest in calculations.

17.his Determination and refusal to back down had won the day

18.what counts is Determination and confidence.

19.good research requires, among other things, Determination, plenty of hard work, careful observation, and a little bit of luck.

20.her humour and Determination were a source of inspiration to others.

21.the doctrine, it will suspend consideration of the disputed issue and refer the matter to the agency for an initial Determination.

22.his cooking reflects a Determination to acknowledge his northern roots

23.we shall find this definition useful for the Determination of the critical load.

24.have i been persecuting jesus by a zealous Determination to serve him in my own way?

25.wit wolzek claimed the legislation could impinge on privacy, self Determination and respect for religious liberty

26.his game is founded on power and Determination.

27.for me, it's way too early to have to make that Determination, and it's not at all clear to me that that is our ultimate destination.

28.the trial is concerned only with the Determination of guilt according to criminal law

29.not everyone will have your vision or Determination to "get going, " so you will have to be a bit patient while others catch up.

30.there was an expression of fierce Determination on her face.

31.growing up with him soon made me realise the extent of his Determination

32.germany has shown real Determination to come to terms with the anti-semitism of its past.

33.this time his Determination to leave was unshakable.'s that kind of courage and Determination that makes him such a remarkable character must have reinforced my Determination to blend into my surroundings

36.the new study found that to be reliable, the sex-Determination tests had to be performed after at least seven weeks of gestation.

37.everyone concerned acted with great courage and Determination

38.they have gained respect through sheer dogged Determination.

39.artist richard stone has captured in her eyes and the set of her face her steely Determination.

40.his bristling Determination has become a symbol of england's renaissance.