Deteriorating Sentence Examples | Use Deteriorating in a sentence

1.with the economic situation Deteriorating, companies across the world had already reduced their discretionary spending.

2.the top us commander in afghanistan, general stanley mcchrystal, has said the security situation there is no longer Deteriorating.

3.he was Deteriorating, and he understood that. and when a certain time came, he decided it was just time to leave, and he left.

4.around the world, dwindling water supplies and Deteriorating water quality are driving innovations in water treatment technologies.

5.officials in kabul say it may be a chance to reset the Deteriorating relationship between washington and afghanistan.

6.she said the Deteriorating situation poses what she called a "mortal threat" to the united states and the world.

7.he said this did not indicate a Deteriorating situation but rather a reassessment of what has already occurred.

8.the scheduling problems with Deteriorating jobs have received increasing attention in recent years.

9.some developing countries are now suffering from Deteriorating economic and financial conditions and increased social and political turmoil.

10.then there is Deteriorating family structure among the poor.

11.that is Deteriorating environment andimpacting on the economic and social sustainable development.

12.facing a Deteriorating global and regional environment, beijing needs to keep the growth risk in mind.

13.Deteriorating terms of trade has universality and relativity;

14.the asian development bank showed that a major cause for Deteriorating air quality is rise in road traffic.

15.for them the Deteriorating environment is that of the community in which they live.

16.ever since the first world war, most developing countries have experienced a Deteriorating trade condition.

17.his physical condition was Deteriorating, and he began to speculate on the matter of death.

18.the weather conditions are Deteriorating

19.unlike previous crises, developing countries have less room to adjust to the Deteriorating economic conditions.

20.america's balance of trade has been Deteriorating.

21.foot continued to press for a political solution, but agreed to call in mi5 as the situation was rapidly Deteriorating.

22.he targets the economy as the root cause of the Deteriorating law and order situation.

23.he said that weight was Deteriorating the king's health and his therapy couldn't be detained any longer.

24.however, the Deteriorating security situation continues to hamper control measures in the affected area. my point of view, we are in a prime time to curb the problem from Deteriorating.

26.the colonial office was trying to pursue political negotiations in a Deteriorating security situation, relying on the army to keep order.

27.the environment has been Deteriorating along with the rapid development of economy.

28.his Deteriorating health occasioned grave concern.

29.this paper proposes an inventory model for Deteriorating items with finite service rate.

30.this method can reduce the complexity of decoding greatly without Deteriorating the error rate. the moment, that means economic data are not Deteriorating as badly as they were. but it is still Deteriorating.

32.decelerating economic growth in china will feed through to slower loan growth and Deteriorating asset quality.

33.and he knew there was no hope of recovery and that his condition was rapidly Deteriorating. the moment, that means economic data are not Deteriorating as badly as they were.

35.the situation is very grave and appears to be Deteriorating.

36.there is an unquestionable link between job losses and Deteriorating services.

37.zheng's health is Deteriorating day by day, and his mother said she hopes she will be able to find the criminals who disabled her son. a statement, president obama said the increase was necessary to stabilize a Deteriorating situation in afghanistan.

39.he admitted he was puzzled by recent economic data that suggests that the economy stopped Deteriorating around march.

40.the Deteriorating situation has already affected global investor sentiment.