Deontology Sentence Examples | Use Deontology in a sentence

1.theory of Deontology; arguments for and against our right to suicide; conflict between right and duty; kant; hume; debate on local cases.

2.the author thought the ethical thinking methods of Deontology, utility theory, contract theory and rationalism had exerted great influence on drawing and actualizing teacher management institution in different stages.

3.risk society has already become one important character in present society. however, there are so much limitation that the traditional ethics, which includes utilitarianism, Deontology and ethics of responsibility, cannot face up with the challenge of risk society. order to justify it philosophically, we have to combine Deontology, existentialism and the theory of value from a perspective that can unify the subject and object.

5.this text explained the corporate philanthropy from three aspects& the school of normative ethics: utilitarian, Deontology and virtues. comparison, Deontology is a highly principled ethic which does not concern itself directly with consequences.

7.although kant is the representative of Deontology, his thoughts in fact includes plenty of thoughts of virtue ethics.

8.the confucian outlook of interest and virtue has inherited the western zhou dynasty ethics thought as well as the early confucian thought of interest and virtue. he is the first person to answer what is the ultimate good and has laid the foundation of confucian Deontology.

9.utilitarian benefit's theory and Deontology based upon rights give me enlightenment. this paper falls into four chapters.

10.the theory of informed consent can be justified from two aspects of Deontology and teleology.

11.besides, ethical theories such as Deontology and ethical egoism are also employed to examine the problem deeply.

12.ethics evaluation theories from western moral philosophy are mainly categorized into teleology and Deontology, and evaluation theories for marketing ethics are the prima facie duty, the principle of proportionality and the social justice framework.

13.the principle of universalization and principle of discourse ethics are souls of discourse ethics, completely showing its characteristics of Deontology, cognition, universalism and formalism. our country, Deontology and teleology are opposite and have no deep wish to understand each other. the third chapter, the author investigates the impact of kant to rawls on cosmopolitanism, the author argues that kant affected the construction of rawls 'theory and rawls' choice of Deontology.

16.utilitarianism from psychotic patients get maximum benefits angle to explain the protection of mental patients: Deontology can the social attention to social vulnerable groups point of view to explain the protection of mental patients 'rights. contains all theses secrets between individual and society, sense and sensibility, utilitarian and Deontology, otherness and universality, experience and super-experience.

18.synthesizing the classical theory of contract and kant's Deontology, john rawls advances a new theory of contract, whose basic idea is that the best justification for principles of justice is the agreement among free and equal people.

19.these three errors is the difference between teleology and Deontology, the good and the justice, efficiency and the equality.

20.first of all, either human existence or social evolution is an expressive activity and process, so justifying the freedom of expression should be based upon the natural law and Deontology. the first chapter, this paper introduces the current exploration and introspection about justice from Deontology and utilitarianism's angle.

22.the essence of traditional confucianism is Deontology and its malpractice can be overcome by advocating moral wisdom in the sense of uniting moral right with duty, value judgment with logic judgment.

23.nearly half a century, virtue ethics have developed to be a kind of moral theory which contends with utilitarianism and Deontology.

24.according to the distinction on the value order between these two basic moral value categories of "good" and "right", normative ethics can be distinguished into two value argument methods as teleology and Deontology.

25.there are utilitarianism and Deontology in our ethics tradition, and it is the basis of ethics construction.

26.ethics has tended to become a discipline on its own, separate from law and Deontology.

27.we should be based on some theories if we want to analyze ethically the existent issues, and in this paper, based on Deontology, we will have ethical analysis to the issues which happened by hgp. we know in ethics the theory of right and good is the most fundamental, which is considered as the watershed of Deontology and teleology.

29.especially england and germany construct utilitarianism and Deontology, it is a reference for chinese ethics construction.

30.conflicts between Deontology and teleology;