Deniable Sentence Examples | Use Deniable in a sentence

1.this dissertation intensively analyzes the present researches and proposes the notions of w-kci security and w-kci attack in non-interactive Deniable authentication protocols. 2. resist the w-kci attack, an identity-based Deniable authentication protocol from bilinear pairing is proposed.

3.the new protocol has solved two more outstanding problems in the wireless network: the active identity protection to the initiator and the peers can not Deniable for the interaction between them.

4.a digital signature method Deniable by neither sender nor receiver so it is not Deniable that there are some problems in the contests of the textbook and course offered.

5.Deniable ring signature scheme of sub-linear size. is the most appropriate to discuss the deny modal and Deniable cognitive proposition based on tri-partitioning of epistemic world.

7.the only mode that works is Deniable ops, which is the coop mode, basically.

8.then it is not Deniable that the optimal option is to return to the initial starting point.

9.the load we lay on others only becomes more visible, less Deniable , as we age. the end of the paper, two efficient Deniable authentication protocols are presented on the basis of aumann and rabin's scheme.

11.Deniable ring signature scheme is another ring signature except that it can restrict "excessive" anonymity. it is not Deniable that there are some problems in the contests of the textbook and course offered.

13.a Deniable authentication protocol is proposed in this paper.

14.based on a chaotic encryption-hash algorithm with parallel property and rsa algorithm with exchange property, we propose a secure and efficient scheme for the Deniable authentication.'s not going to be so much a matter of bombs and missiles as Deniable cyberwarfare, corporate espionage, economic struggles.

16.a Deniable authentication protocol enables a receiver to identify the source of the given messages but unable to prove to a third party the identity of the sender.

17.deniability has received significant attention. deniability has a lot of applications to construction of Deniable authentication protocol, Deniable group key agreement and Deniable encryption scheme.

18.Deniable encryption is cryptosystem that allows a user ( a sender and/ or a receiver of messages) to deny the real parameters of encryption algorithms, and to provide fake parameters. but coercive adversary could not know the fraud.

19.a new identity based non-interactive Deniable authentication protocol is proposed.

20.with his new book, "a Deniable death" , mr seymour is back on form.

21.Deniable authentication protocol based on public key algorithm

22.apply this model to the proof of fan et al Deniable authentication protocol. ( 3) based on elliptic curve discrete logarithm problem; present a non-interactive Deniable authentication protocol.

23.a digital signature method Deniable by neither sender nor receiver sum up, the researches can be concluded as follows. 1. the notions of weaken key-compromise impersonation ( w-kci) security and w-kci attack in non-interactive Deniable authentication protocols are proposed.

25.this paper introduces a probability model based on a kind of probabilistic polynomial-time process calculus: blanchet calculus. analyze and prove the deniability of Deniable authentication protocol using this process calculus.

26.a chaos-based scheme for Deniable authentication

27.a Deniable proxy-anonymous signature scheme and an identity-based Deniable authentication protocol for secret communication are proposed. is plausibly Deniable , and if the target complains, the target risks being diagnosed as mentally ill.

29.i suppose these changes are Deniable? ie we might convince others they are not true.

30.Deniable authentication scheme for secret communication

31.then proposed a Deniable model based on blanchet calculus.

32.deploying jihadis is cheap, easy and somewhat Deniable if things go wrong.

33.based on the research, some non-interactive Deniable authentication protocols which have different attributes are proposed to apply in the field of negotiation through e-mail and electronic voting.

34.with the effect of cultural critical theory of frankfurt school, the scholars mainly take a skeptical, disdainful and Deniable attitude to the early mass culture in china.