Denationalized Sentence Examples | Use Denationalized in a sentence the1980s, the british government Denationalized many industries.

2.the textile industry was Denationalized.

3.sound money: gold or Denationalized? to the fourth part, i specifically talked about the advantages of ruling the award made in china by foreign arbitration institution as the "Denationalized arbitration" and acknowledging and enforcing the award according to the new york convention.

5.the supply chains and capital flows linking global cities today have similarly Denationalized international relations.

6.analyze the word Denationalized into root, base and stem the first section, based on the existing legislation of china, i explained in detail that the "Denationalized arbitration" shall be used in china.

8.the steel industry was Denationalized.

9.putting forward and developing the theory of Denationalized arbitration have made impact on the traditional view of "arbitration governed by lex arbitri", it will play an important role in the coming international commercial arbitration practice, especially in the field of internet arbitration.

10.finally, i called on the supreme court issued relevant judicial explanation as soon as possible, helping these awards get acknowledgement and enforcement more smoothly in china in accordance with the "Denationalized arbitration" under the new york convention.

11.based on the purpose of the acknowledgement and enforcement of the arbitration award, the award made in china by foreign arbitration institution can be identified as the "Denationalized arbitration" under the new york convention.

12.these advantages give us more proof that ruling such award as "Denationalized arbitration" is a right thing.

13.the industry had been Denationalized by the conservative government.