Den Sentence Examples | Use Den in a sentence

1.if he were, i said to myself, he could hardly be such a fool as to walk right into the lion's Den.

2.the bear's Den was in a cave.

3.i admit my mistake/ that i was wrong. a fault once Den is twice committed.

4.he's in his Den studying.

5.attacking this candidate in boston is like bearding the lion in his Den.

6.this one bedroom and Den loft has everything you could want in a new home.

7.he finds himself in a Den of frightful ruffians.

8.i have a contracted agreement with madame van Den ende.

9.i ran all the way back to base and hid behind a hydralisk Den.

10.tonight i'm your Den mother.

11.they gazed into the dark barricade as one would gaze into a lion's Den.

12.when you entered Den into google maps, the application did a bit of transformation behind the scenes. ideal Den must be deep underground, where the earth is warm, but accessible from the surface via burrows or natural fissures.

14.there are no first-year snakes in this Den.

15.use simple words and convey them just as you would if you were sitting with friends in your Den.

16.the tiger retired to its Den.

17.4will a lion roar in the forest, when he hath no prey? will a young lion cry out of his Den, if he have taken nothing? b.

18.he has made his house a Den of thieves.

19.the public security men drove straight to the bandits 'Den with the sudDenness of thunder bolt.

20.there was a Den near the river, he said wistfully, and they'd migrate six miles up to a nice patch of open prairie full of gophers.

21.i could provide you with the addresses of at least three illegal drinking Dens.

22.they have been in your Den, but none of them comes out!

23.van Den eynde would help her develop a competitor's head and soul.

24.a disco isn't exactly a Den of iniquity.

25.this airport is a Den of thives.

26.nobody dared to enter the Den of tigers.

27.he would come out of it - talk, explain - and then go back into his own Den.

28.and so in the Den or on your desk in business you'll have a pc. thought you could come into my Den?

30.the old woman went upstairs with her, opened the door, and they hurried out of the murderer's Den as fast as they could.

31.those were not the consideration that drove this rapacious beast from his Den into the open! dare to beard the lion in his Den.

33.the hunters drove this rapacious beast from his Den into the open.

34.the partisan crowd cheered while i slipped out the side door, feeling eerily like an early christian escaping from a lion's Den.

35.the perception of the city as a Den of criminals extended into people's thoughts about miami's economy. wasn't a real library, of course, it was just a small Den dominated by a television set.

37.he found himself in a Den of thieves.

38.can we imagine that walk to the lion's Den?

39.Den had dug a deep hole in the centre of the garDen

40.the Den of the drug dealers was completely destroyed by the police.