demystify Sentence Examples | Use demystify in a sentence

1.markit, the london-based data provider, has just declared that it would start publishing new information on european securitised products in an effort to demystify the market.

2.we urge colleges and universities to demystify the selection process. his article he tries to demystify the concepts around soa.

4.this article aims to demystify some of this magic by showing how and where the transaction management occurs.

5.he certainly helped to demystify, if not quite de-dignify, the bank.

6.the goals of most next-generation programmes are to instil in the attendees a sense of the rights and responsibilities that accompany great wealth and to demystify family dynamics.

7.but even a management consultant can demystify china.

8.the system is designed to demystify the promotion process and create a transparent and equal working environment.

9.we are trying to demystify the workings of government.

10.we need to clarify and demystify how health systems link usefully to health intervention programmes.

11.'to over-explain and demystify [the island] would be detrimental, ' says executive producer carlton cuse.

12.the delegation felt that the theme for2006 had helped to demystify ip and had been well received.

13.throughout the semester-long course, her goal is to demystify philanthropy and help students understand the mindset of the donor.

14.let's demystify the event by explaining what it is all about. a foreign teacher, i often found myself being turned to for answers to help demystify the process and add moral support in many student decisions to journey overseas.

16.but, if nothing else, the iron lady helps to demystify the idea of austerity and shows that it is possible for a nation to travel through that painful tunnel and ( eventually) emerge at the other side.

17.this book aims to demystify medical treatments.

18.the authors clear up a few common misconceptions about memory usage and demystify some of the many available tools, offering guidance on when and how to use them.

19.he says the book is designed to "demystify" asia's business barons and to suggest that investors consider worthier opportunities elsewhere.

20.well, before i demystify various reasons as why men cheat in relationships, let me be very clear about this.

21.the delegation felt that the theme for 2006 had helped to demystify ip and had been well received.

22.well, we re here to demystify the process.

23.this article helped demystify some of the complexity using an example implementation of sca.

24.these typical meta-fictional elements are of great significance to demystify mantissa. this informative class, we will demystify preparing fish. of the main goals of the book is to demystify investing, to take it back from the whiz kids on wall street.

27.the cia's philosophy is to demystify the cooking process by revealing the underpinnings of technique that form the foundation of all great meals.

28.what i need is a book that will demystify the workings of a car engine for me.

29.unless we find a way to demystify finance and reintegrate it into society, it will be hard to build healthier banks.