Deltoid Sentence Examples | Use Deltoid in a sentence medial fixation was used in the patients with a Deltoid ligament injury.

2.pulling off, half his shirt, he stuck a plaster on his right Deltoid, and pulling his shirt back, continued on his way.

3.generally, the tarsal canal artery was somewhat smaller than the Deltoid branch and the tarsal sinus artery.

4.good results can be achieved for facial and mandible wide-area scar by pre-dilated Deltoid-thoracic flap.

5.yangtze river delta region to create a roof garden and the innovative research design and construction of Deltoid cradle of extra bridge over songhuajiang river was argued that, in this country, biopsies are performed in the Deltoid muscle whereas in many other countries biopsies tend to be performed in other muscles.

7.bracteoles broadly ovate to ovate-Deltoid, margin sparsely denticulate or sometimes ciliate.

8.lateral descending branch distributes to the area of proximal lateral humerus covered by the anterior part of Deltoid muscle.

9.when he reached for the teapot, a stab of pain shot through the Deltoid in his right arm.

10.inclined dumbbell on birds: the main muscles: the upper part of pectoralis major, Deltoid toe.

11.monthly maintenance doses can be administered in either the Deltoid or gluteal muscle.

12.operative treatment of ankle fracture with Deltoid ligament disruption

13.expose the medial malleolus by reflecting the periosteum but preserve the Deltoid ligament.

14.we found that ultrasound is an accurate modality in detecting and assessing spontaneous detachment of the Deltoid muscle.

15.mmf has been mainly detected by Deltoid muscle biopsy in adult patients, although it has also been detected by quadriceps muscle biopsy in3 young children. seemed the pain in his right Deltoid had taken root and was hiding in a hollow under the muscle.

17.surgical treatments include orif of the medial malleolus or repair of the medial Deltoid ligament and percutaneous screw fixation of the disrupted distal tibiofibular syndesmosis.

18.a tear at the origin of the Deltoid muscle is uncommon and usually occurs as a complication of shoulder surgery. Deltoid and teres tuberosity of arm bone;

20.construct two mutually orthogonal tangents of the Deltoid. where do they meet? and construction of Deltoid cradle of extra bridge over songhuajiang river

22.with medial Deltoid.-design encourages user to stabilize core during.

23.660 persons are inoculated on the left upper arm Deltoid outer edge inner according to the request, account for 33.02%.

24.racemes terminal; bracts alternate, much smaller than leaves, margin sparsely Deltoid dentate.

25.mainly involved were muscles of trapezium, Deltoid and brachioradialis but biceps was relatively less.

26.results: there is a inter nerve plane among Deltoid, infraspinatus and teres minor.

27.the perioperative period nursing and functional exercise of the Deltoid contracture

28.a plausible possibility is the existence of a predisposed subset of individuals with impaired ability to clear aluminium from the Deltoid muscle.

29.the response measures include discomfort ratings of whole body and local body parts, and the emg of biceps brachii, anterior Deltoid, upper trapezius and flexor digitorum.

30.he was found to have an anterior Deltoid compartment syndrome and was treated with emergency fasciotomy with no adverse sequelae.

31.the experience of repair of faciocervical scars by expanded thoracic Deltoid flap that a Deltoid or a rhomboid?

33.operative treatment and curative effects of the Deltoid ligament injuries of the ankle joint

34.fig.1-97 anterolateral approach to shaft of humerus. a, skin incision. b, Deltoid and biceps muscles retracted; brachialis muscle incised longitudinally, exposing shaft.

35.the Deltoid muscle is small in infants and young children. has been suggested that there might be a predisposed subset of individuals with impaired ability to clear aluminium from the Deltoid muscle.