Delimitation Sentence Examples | Use Delimitation in a sentence the first part, background information and literary review are given with a clear Delimitation of relevant terms in this field.

2.working group on the definition and Delimitation of outer space and geostationary orbit often seems to be marked off into different periods: schooldays, marriage, old age, for example. it had showed consistency between Delimitation times according to the mode of production, the way of economic activity and the way of resource distribution.

4.sion-japan diaoyu islands dispute and the Delimitation of east china sea continental shelf

5.the dispute of the Delimitation of the continental shelf at the east sea has damaged the relationship between china and japan.

6.the procuratorate-police relationship Delimitation as the important content in the penal procedure system should progress gradually with the reform pace of the adjudication mode of our country. had showed consistency between Delimitation times according to the mode of production, the way of economic activity and the way of resource distribution. our actual test experiments, each instance can be completed better by Delimitation greedy algorithm than hitting set algorithm.

9.however, the ways of border Delimitation have not been clearly defined theoretically and practically.

10.the study on the equitable principle in the continental shelf Delimitation;

11.the significance of natural prolongation principle in the east china sea dispute between china and japan& perspective from the relationship between institution of right and rule of Delimitation; the international legal basis on the Delimitation of the continental shelf of east china sea

12.the planned reserve zones should be announced upon Delimitation according to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

13.Delimitation and fractal research on structure of central liaoning urban agglomeration

14.there are disputes concerning the sovereignty over some islands and reefs and the Delimitation of certain waters in the south china sea.

15.second, the Delimitation between fundamental and un fundamental rights is the obvious evidence of the rights' precedence.

16.Delimitation of central cities attracting scope based on time accessibility: a case study of the yangtze river delta

17.method of nature sea bed Delimitation based on voronoi diagram

18.franco-siamese Delimitation commission the boundary is not clearly defined.

19.the matter of Delimitation needs the two countries to negotiate. it can't be decided unilaterally.

20.the application of gps-rtk in investigation Delimitation of linear engineering may not only meet the accuracy requirements, but also increase the efficiency obviously, which is a feasible method.

21.semiconductor analysis with ansys tools often incorporates nonlinear behaviors, including package warpage, solder joint creep, fracture in through-silicon-via designs, fatigue and Delimitation. analysis on the Delimitation and characteristics of underdeveloped areas in guizhou province

23.however, these waters will never become vietnams eez and continental shelf no matter which principle is applied in the Delimitation.

24.the rule of law versus the rule of men is not the Delimitation of two distinct places or times. first the article analyzes the essentiality, actuality and the function of gis in marine Delimitation, and introduces the component, construction and function of gis.

26.accurate Delimitation of destructive mining method is the key point for defining the crime of destructive mining.

27.the waters between chinas xisha islands and the coast of the vietnamese mainland are yet to be delimited. the two sides have not yet conducted Delimitation of the exclusive economic zone ( eez) and continental shelf in these waters. the south china sea, the coexitence of the disputes of the sovereignty of islands and the sea boder Delimitation makes it very complicated.

29.discussion on the applications of gps-rtk in investigation Delimitation of linear engineering

30.analysis and selection of the proposals on the Delimitation of the maritime boundary of the east china sea between china and japan; how to process boundary rivers and coastline in watershed subdivision of distributed hydrological model

31.border, borderline, boundary, boundary line, Delimitation, demarcation, dividing line, frontier, limit, mete.

32.Delimitation or rot of wooden components, such as general deterioration of floors, including expansion, shrinkage or warping arising out of normal use.

33.daily urban system of city and the Delimitation of inland key cities in china-a case study of xi'an

34.based on this background, this paper researched traffic zone's Delimitation and od prediction which are key technologies for analyzing real-time traffic state.

35.railway rolling stock. Delimitation of technical allowances between the constructors and their suppliers for the execution of an order.

36.arms length pricing definition and Delimitation of outer space of marine Delimitation's gis is an important part of provincial and civic marine Delimitation's work.

38.demarcation; dividing line; limit; boundary line; border; borderline; Delimitation; mete; frontier; boundary.

39.we should improve the setups of judicial organs, the Delimitation of their functions and powers and their management systems.