Deleterious Sentence Examples | Use Deleterious in a sentence

1.builds the smoking room not to be able to reduce in the air the Deleterious substance. is final, smoking waste resources. is now clear that continued stimulation of the neurohormonal system in heart failure (hf) has serious Deleterious effects on the heart.

3.the potential Deleterious effect of poor nutrition on decline in physical function in older persons is unclear. can work in a high-temperature, dusty, and Deleterious environment, for example, under the converter.

5.except for polysulfone membranes, use of high chlorine levels is Deleterious to the membrane.

6.but the financial effects can be Deleterious, which seems to be the unintended consequences of the fed's new policy.

7.observational studies suggest that conventional right ventricular apical pacing may have a Deleterious effect on left ventricular function.

8.making a bad mistake would be almost as Deleterious to the potential for reproduction, as forgetting to bring a dagger to a knife fight.

9."we strongly suspect that rare, highly Deleterious mutations may co-exist with common polymorphisms in many infectious diseases, " he said.

10.this chromatic dispersion suppresses the growth of four-wave mixing, a non-linear effect that can be particularly Deleterious in dense wavelength division multiplexing ( dwdm) systems. normal seedlings the Deleterious recessive genes are not expressed.

12.this study adds to a growing body of research that addresses not only the Deleterious effects of air pollution on health, but restorative possibilities when pollution is reduced, including lowered mortality risk of lung cancer and cardiovascular disease.

13.the patent claims that the appellate court ruled invalid involved analyzing a patient's genes to see if they had Deleterious mutations.

14.foods that contain or are contaminated by toxic or Deleterious substances and can thus be injurious to human health;

15.we specifically targeted binge drinking, since some animal studies suggest that it is Deleterious for brain functioning.

16.this study also suggests that resveratrol may be able to prevent the Deleterious consequences of sedentary behaviors in humans.

17.research of the measurement method of 4 Deleterious substances in elv directives

18.Deleterious consequences: the major risk is that of a hyperviscosity syndrome, responsible for thrombosis and decreased cardiac output.

19.the oxides of nitrogen can have Deleterious effects on materials, vegetation, and animal and human life.

20.the understanding of the transport characteristics in concrete is a key issue to mitigate the Deleterious consequences.

21.Deleterious effects of passive smoking on endothelial function and coronary flow reserve are known. however, no data exit about the effects on left ventricular ( lv) systolic and diastolic function.

22.petty crime is having a Deleterious effect on community life.

23.we must keep away from Deleterious environments and substances, because these things can reduce our happiness.

24.such memory loss has been linked with high levels of'stress'steroid hormones known as glucocorticoids which have a Deleterious effect on the part of the brain that helps us to remember.

25.manipulating those prices through credit expansion or contraction has real and Deleterious effects on the economy. is worth trying if you are so inclined, but copying the pattern of another person, if it is not fitting for you, will be Deleterious to your productivity.

27.exactly why the foreign body is so Deleterious is not clear.

28.there are two main hypotheses which explain how sex may act to remove Deleterious genes from the genome.

29.each altered method was validated independently with a variety of sample types to ensure that no Deleterious changes had been made.

30.they do not understand the Deleterious effect of policy that nit-picks and hampers production and distribution.

31.not doing so will have a Deleterious effect that might be noticed for two or three years.

32.these drugs have a proven Deleterious effect on the nervous system.

33.during this time, the uncontrolled blood glucose and insulin levels will be having a Deleterious effect on the bodys internal organs and nerves.

34.the two most Deleterious forms of reduced oxygen are superoxide and hydrogen peroxide, which have been implicated in cancer, heart failure, alzheimer's disease and other illnesses, he added.

35.migration and its environmental effect of Deleterious elements in coal during direct liquefaction

36.these present aesthetic problems even though they may not be particularly Deleterious for most water uses.

37.effect of sewage sludge on vegetable yields and Deleterious substance accumulation

38."the roasting process can be manipulated to bring out different flavours and minimise any Deleterious compounds produced, " he said.

39.the cold weather had most Deleterious consequences among the chrysanthemums.

40.this is widely recognized because vitamin c can produce some Deleterious effects such as increasing the risk of kidney stones.