Degenerated Sentence Examples | Use Degenerated in a sentence

1.talim made landfall over fujian and moved inland that afternoon. it Degenerated into an area of low pressure the next day.

2.results the expression of mmp-1 in Degenerated discs was higher than the normal discs ( p0.01).

3.instead, preparations for the games have Degenerated into some of the ugliest verbal confrontations for years between china and its critics.

4.all animals Degenerated in america.

5.he wondered how his life had Degenerated into this clawing miasma of raw unfulfilled need.

6.because you know this Degenerated time, the world is becoming so material, people don't see the value of spiritual path.

7.effects of enclosure on the community characteristics of leymus chinensis in Degenerated steppe

8.application of vogel method in Degenerated transporting problem

9.effect of community succession in Degenerated steppe after light harrow

10.his health Degenerated with disease and old age.

11.napoleon also Degenerated marshals of main army by honor, money, and beautiful women. he changed the character of the revolutionary army.

12.standards in the administration of justice have Degenerated

13.linear and nonlinear finite element analysis of a Degenerated 3d beam element

14.we could see that the nerve endings had Degenerated.

15.please note that Degenerated mesothelial cells can have cytoplasmic spaces, mimicking mucin vacuoles in adenocarcinoma.

16.the conversation Degenerated to a personal attack. that juncture he turned completely away from his comrades, and Degenerated into a renegade.

18.the wide paved road Degenerated into a narrow bumpy track. lesser hands ms nasar's story might have Degenerated into a series of pen portraits: tittle-tattle for the middlebrow. vitro culture and cell cycle detection of the adult Degenerated nucleus pulposus evaluating index system is established for Degenerated estuarine ecosystem restoration.

22.during metamorphosis, the larval midgut epithelium Degenerated and the pupal epithelial cells due to differentiation of larval regenerative cells replaced the larval epithelial cells.

23.the meeting Degenerated into petty squabbling.

24.the man's word-blindness Degenerated to a complete aphasia of both speech and writing by the time of his death four years later.

25.she found her former ability to have Degenerated to the production of a hollow rush of wind through the lips, and no clear note at all.

26.investigations have revealed that Degenerated animal intervertebral discs containing the injected'microgels'regain their mechanical properties.

27.the physical fitness of modern men has Degenerated compared with people in ancient times.

28.the authors even review the general theory of relativity and black holes, although by then the book has Degenerated into a series of notes.

29.the thread in the corolla is the short filament of a Degenerated stamen.

30.when the embryo differentiated cotyledons, the haustorium cells gradually Degenerated, then disappear.

31.such a partner cannot be a europe that has Degenerated into rival state groups.

32.a person Degenerated into the criminal, not merely is individual, the entire society all has the responsibility.

33.he ate up nietzsche and Degenerated into a fascist.

34.ever since, the perception goes, that keen cosmic awareness they won has Degenerated into a dull stupor, often seen in front of a tv screen.

35.amedda's booming voice often called for order when the partisan nature of the republic's government Degenerated into pointless bickering.

36.the temple system of worship had Degenerated to the point that it had become worse than a sham.

37.the meeting Degenerated into a sterile debate.

38.the affair Degenerated into the longest game of chicken in diplomatic history.

39.the study on biomass composition dynamics of community in Degenerated steppe of leymus chinensis after shallow ploughing;