Defunct Sentence Examples | Use Defunct in a sentence

1.retrieves the Defunct property that has the specified common name.

2.moreover, each may be traded, unlike the Defunct mark.

3.they bought all their equipment from a Defunct brewery in manhattan.

4.according to his custom he made an autopsy of that dead passion, and anatomised his own Defunct sensation for his poor little nurse.

5.the now Defunct methodist bookstore in singapore helped me get most of the english translations of kierkegaard's works.

6.a best practice is to delete Defunct backups, or set them aside and clearly mark them as Defunct.

7."practical men were often the slaves of some Defunct economist," he wrote.

8.a lilliputian-like worker scrubs the giant head of gulliver at japan's now Defunct gulliver's travels theme park in the shadow of mount fuji.

9.anexample of these risks can be seen through the history of the now Defunct zimki, one of the earliest paas environments launched in 2006.

10.last autumn, he found a short-cut to realising that ambition by buying the european and asian operations of the Defunct lehman only days after the wall street titan collapsed. this nov.21,2009 photo, Defunct machinery is seen at the union carbide pesticide plant.

12.pan am is a now Defunct airline which had at that time they were they don't call them stewardesses anymore but they're the stewardesses would come in and they would smile.

13.have some compassion for your leaders, as they are working to the old model which is now Defunct. analysis of monetary conditions and financial flows can provide at least a useful complement to now Defunct models.

15.if a parent process should die before the child process, the child process can become a Defunct process& also known as a zombie process which usually results in a hung process or hung application.

16.such a merger would bring together two state-owned companies currently competing head-on in china, with saloons based on designs and technology acquired from Defunct british carmaker mg rover. dipped into some of its reserves recently when it teamed-up with microsoft to buy a batch of patents from Defunct canadian firm nortel.

18.this schema object is Defunct. no modifications are allowed until it is made active again.

19.but the crisis has reached such a force that it renders the existing resolution mechanisms Defunct.

20.a family name becomes Defunct when the only heir dies without any son. the end of its run, her ( now Defunct) weekly column had few readers.

22.this collector had bought many of his pieces from spink& son, a once-important london firm that is now Defunct.

23.with that, mike and i got excited again. with new vigor, we began cleaning up the mess caused by our now Defunct first business.

24.backups that are specific to a invalid recovery path become Defunct.

25.nor was the now Defunct securities markets programme of the ecb.

26.the will of a Defunct aunt; a Defunct indian tribe.

27.the now Defunct campaign against racial discrimination. this case, all files must be either online or Defunct when the log backups are performed.

29.scientists have created a potent antimalarial drug that can also resurrect the activity of Defunct antimalarials. is a new start for an urban form that was on the brink of becoming aesthetically Defunct – a vehicle for primitive iconic forms designed as easy-to-grasp developers 'logos.

31.many of the publications from which i've excerpted materials are now Defunct.

32.a Defunct satellite the size of a school bus is falling back to earth.

33.pacific western university was also the name of a once affiliated, now Defunct, university in hawaii (pacific western university (hawaii))., a unladen swallow retrospective confirms that the project is Defunct and is no longer being developed.

35.despite its untimely exit, the child process is still in the process table as a Defunct process, otherwise known as a zombie.

36.and the train station becomes Defunct.

37.another possibility would be a Defunct satellite tumbling out of space and eluding the air force's detection system.

38.fizy : similar to the now Defunct seeqpod, fizy is an extremely bare bones approach to streaming music with a simple search bar.