Definition Sentence Examples | Use Definition in a sentence Definition of a good hospice is one where some of the patients start feeling too good to die.

2.further Definition of the general concept of public interest litigation involves the Definitions of public interest and litigation rights.

3.the legal Definition of 'know' often presumes mental control

4.the three keywords in this Definition are simplified, description, and assist.

5.there is no generally accepted Definition of life

6.this completes the Definition of the "print" web service.

7.if the connection attributes match the Definition of a trusted context object, that connection is referred to as a trusted connection. all depends on your Definition of punk, doesn't it?

9.psychology is by Definition the scientific study of the mind.

10.two of the trucks were stopped because they had tents in them, and under the commanders 'Definition of humanitarian aid, that didn't count

11.that there are problems with this kind of Definition is hardly surprising, given its level of generality.

12.defining and implementing the service management processes including the Definition, documentation, and publishing of service.

13.based on this Definition, a domain model is a subset of the terms in the glossary. this Definition, you set the types and the constraints on the data.

15.give your brows extra Definition with outdoor girl's eyebrow pencil in brown

16.the author gave a clear Definition of "public interest". mass can vary in several circumstances this Definition is unsound and misleading.

18.this is asking for trouble in china where the Definition of what constitutes a state secret is particularly strict, especially when it comes to business or economic information.

19.if the great scientist were still alive today, he would no doubt expand his Definition to include the latest research findings. Definition a cataract is an opacity in the lens. function and workflow Definition. this article, i use web service Definition language ( wsdl) and soap-based web service interfaces.

23.the experiment shows that the model Definition framework is effective, universal and easy to operate.

24.a bla Definition provides operational semantics for its constituent parts.

25.sir isaac newton was one of the pioneers in investigating viscosity, and on his analysis depends the Definition of the coefficient.

26.the club must give a clear Definition of its goals.

27.illustration is often more useful than Definition for giving the meaning of words.

28.the speakers criticised his new programme for lack of Definition.

29.the growth has come by expanding the Definition of a smartphone and cutting prices, analysts said.

30.illustration is often more useful than Definition for showing what words mean.

31.his latest project is trying to devise a way to send high-Definition television signals over a comparatively slow network infrastructure.

32.what i've done in the case of these two stocks is factor stock-specific risk into my Definition of cheap.

33.we shall find this Definition useful for the determination of the critical load.

34.i made a Definition for this word.

35.this creates a new project with a skeleton widget Definition and catalog file.

36.even within this limited Definition of performance, pitfalls abound in trying to benchmark code accurately.

37.there is no general agreement on a standard Definition of intelligence give a Definition of a word is more difficult than to give an illustration of its use.

39.this is the human task defined in the process Definition.

40.this activity covers the Definition of the project vision.