Definable Sentence Examples | Use Definable in a sentence

1.the emergence of general array logic ( gal), a fairly new type of logic devices with the characteristics of user Definable logic functions, have led to a revolutionary change in the design of logical circuits.

2.the solution was to perform the get at a user Definable interval after each get checks all the endpoints.

3.bitmap separately Definable for each field can be superimposed on final picture output.

4.the architecture programming theory of the real estate development is one of organic parts of the architecture theory, the study on it is to create a system which provides regulations to product design via the analysis of Definable and measurable analyse.

5.color quality of a color stimulus Definable by its chromaticity coordinates, or by its dominant ( or complementary) wavelength and its excitation purity taken together.

6.mentoring is provided but often on an informal basis. the relationship is often not defined and so frequently leads to no Definable benefit.

7.for pie charts you can specify additional information, such as: the text label for each slice, the color of the slice, and a font color that overrides the font color Definable in the addplot() call.

8.however, their motives are often rationalized or even ennobled as a clearly Definable cultural expression.

9.the system provides 10 user- Definable fields to track any piece of information you want for each asset. was Definable in ways that i'll turn to in a minute and, as i say, prevalent to a remarkable degree everywhere.

11.despite that the concept of modality falls into two major worlds, epistemic and deontic, it is, yet rather ambiguous because it lacks of simple, clearly Definable, semantic category.

12.http pull: in this traditional approach, the client checks with the server for latest data at regular user Definable intervals.

13.all of these things are knowable and Definable and yet obscured and opaque.

14.furthermore, kiosk users will either have one very specific goal in mind when approaching a kiosk or no readily Definable goal at all.

15.a philosophy of science according to which any scientific concept must be Definable in terms of concrete, observable activities or the operations to which it refers.

16.we present model theory as the "mathematics of Definable sets". a result, they got the satisfaction of very Definable, minor achievements, which in turn gave them the confidence to attempt more small wins each and every day.

18.calculates pension fund , housing fund , unemployment fund and any other user Definable deductions.

19.un-limited, Definable profiles to meet all your demand in any situation.

20.about a third of my cases are not suffering from any clearly Definable neurosis, but from the senselessness and aimlessness of their lives.

21.( i) each disadvantaged region must be a clearly designated contiguous geographical area with a Definable economic and administrative identity;

22.many suffered from a Definable alcohol, drug, or mental disorder.

23.normal politics is now resuming; labour is again a Definable alternative to the conservative-liberal democrat coalition. includes four sub-databases and three program module and two design features. the two features are a suit of users management system and an intelligent coding rule management module including users Definable ability.

25.principle for creating Definable forces between body and wheel using active roll stabilisation.

26.when many cells undergo necrosis at once, then Definable patterns of necrosis are produced, depending upon the nature of the injury, the type of tissue, and the length of time.

27.Definable method of workflow flexible model what we're going through today is a period of stasis, rather than a period with any heightened sense of polarisation or any real sharp clash between Definable sides. and implementation of assistant system for Definable software process based on tspi

30.user-Definable process technology of diagnosis information

31.policies are Definable on cpu utilization, memory, and heap-utilization metrics.

32.the causes of racial hatred are not readily Definable.

33.this article mainly gives three kinds of algebra classes which have the property of Definable principal congruence and their verifications.

34.throughout the boroughs there are hundreds of distinct neighborhoods , many with a Definable history and character to call their own. project pipeline you should invest in the projects that are well-aligned to the business direction, return Definable value, and match well with the priorities of the enterprise.

36.the recession is now perhaps Definable as a slump.

37.Definable project requiring literature search, laboratory or field research, and a written thesis.

38.a tradition that may be curable but not legally Definable.