Defending Sentence Examples | Use Defending in a sentence

1."at this point we have no plan to go offensive, but we will be aggressively Defending ourselves if necessary, " he said.

2.invaders continuously hit, as the last hope for the planet, the task of Defending the planet depends on the captain of your z!

3.Defending the colonies against attack by the french and others had cost the british a great deal of money.

4.his comments friday Defending the right to build the center on private property were widely interpreted as a strong endorsement of the idea.

5.just because no-one has yet needed to fight for the right to eat meat does not make it any less of a right worth Defending.

6.when my ego gets wrapped up in the work, it's too easy to start Defending those lame positions mentioned earlier.

7.china is Defending its stance on sudan, arguing that it has taken a constructive role in trying to settle the conflict in war-torn darfur.

8.s cut-back - and some brave Defending from his older brother to see england into their first final.

9.have no the excessive Defending the concept of the problem with the characteristic three aspects proceeded to expatiate.

10.he said the nation must hold fast to its values while protecting and Defending the american people.