Defendable Sentence Examples | Use Defendable in a sentence

1.there was simply "no Defendable explanation" for the millions of dollars in gestor payments, he wrote.

2.jeebuz: it's a not so well known fact that taiwan is a very highly Defendable country. contrast, some companies have high forward visibility of revenue, Defendable and attractive margins, a strong franchise with high barriers to entry, proprietary technology or brands, and a sizeable market share.'s an area that's very highly Defendable.

5.the application of information leakage Defendable model in enterprise intranet security

6.unless you say we want to go for national pride and ego, so we just play our best players in this tournament, then it is Defendable.

7.finally, based on these countermeasures, we propose a novel Defendable watermark model, which provides a mature model system for the digital watermark.

8.this may lead to reflections over which governing technologies are considered appropriate and Defendable.

9.electrical switch boxes, gas meters, or your pc make ideal homes because they are dry and have small, easily Defendable entrances.

10.when two different mappings are both Defendable, the most obvious one is used.

11.the medium wastage measure is an important method to high voltage equipment Defendable experimentation, now it is widely used in many fields. order to meet a higher demand of network application in safety area, active network security Defendable mean-technology of network security situation evaluation has become a hot topic in network security* this paper arms at evaluation means of current technology of network security evaluation. and implementation of intelligent security Defendable software policy component

14.i did not fail once with this build, however i realize that it is probably Defendable if you rly see it coming pretty early.