Defence Sentence Examples | Use Defence in a sentence

1.tony sprang to the Defence of the 21-year-old, saying he was not to blame.

2.they were neglected before because they did not come under the ministry of Defence.

3.he has senatorial experience in Defence and foreign policy.

4.the Defence science & technology industry is always one of the most intense fields of international competitiveness.

5.they are the leading manufacturer in both Defence and commercial products. the killings took place outside british jurisdiction, the ministry of Defence could not be held liable.

7.once a tough defensive team, the saints now have the most porous Defence in the league.

8.there can be no real Defence against attacks from the air.

9.they had no sooner broken through the enemy's Defence works than they found a river in front of them.

10.the trial has been delayed until november because the Defence is not ready to proceed.

11.he said sensitive data on government computers had been targeted, along with Defence, technology and engineering firms' designs.

12.passport checks will remain the first line of Defence against terrorists others in western europe, it had slashed post-war Defence spending to pay for a burgeoning welfare state.

14.their Defence, so strong last season, has now conceded 12 goals in six games the moment, in the league we aren't able to open up the closed Defence.

16.he produced a stout Defence of the car business

17.britain needs to rethink its Defence policy from the ground up; the last big review took place in 1998.

18.the land was flat, giving no scope for Defence wielding a knife in Defence you run the risk of having it used against you.

20.the prime minister has appointed a civilian as Defence minister

21.a senior Defence official said last night that they would continue the air strikes.

22.he has insisted on conducting his own Defence.

23.lacking sovereignty, they could organise no Defence against their oppressors.

24.this is an alliance for offensive and Defence.

25.i did not want to wound him, but to restrict myself to Defence, to parry his attacks

26.the Defence was that the records of the interviews were fabricated by the police

27.'i've never used my nigerian name, even before i was chrystal rose,' she said in Defence.

28.the government has cut back on Defence spending

29.the french Defence minister is to visit japan later this month for talks with his japanese opposite number

30.the government raised Defence appropriations by 12 per cent. the midst of all this the president sacked the Defence minister after he insulted some of her closest aides in an interview.

32.the Defence pleaded insanity, but the defendant was found guilty and sentenced.

33.the ir radiation characteristic of the military plane that will be attacked by an air-Defence missile is discussed comprehensively.

34.the immune system is our main Defence against disease

35.the jury have heard evidence from Defence witnesses

36."the best Defence against takeovers is usually a strong share price and well-managed company, " said the group.

37.what he did not do was suggest that money saved on Defence might be used to offset cuts on civilian spending.

38.i still prefer to play in Defence.

39.Defence lawyers have still not agreed to terms for payment of blood money to the victims 'families.

40.the deal was hailed by the Defence secretary.