Defective Sentence Examples | Use Defective in a sentence

1.we will repair or replace free of charge any non-moving part found to be Defective.

2.the utility model has efficiency that discharging can be smooth and generation rates of Defective products can be reduced.

3.must be able to understand the inspection criteria and be able to identify Defective component after inspection.

4.any damaged or Defective items shall be replaced.

5.equity is a correction of common legal rules in their Defective parts.

6.i literally worried that i had received a Defective, incomplete kit!

7.if one microswitch is Defective, both must be replaced.

8.chen, claimed it was Defective, despite damage that looked suspiciously like the result of a head-on collision.

9.this is a fast ( and reactive) solution that results in a usually Defective application.

10.evaluate and analyze Defective products, repair and maintain products according to specified procedure. well, we feel that there were too many Defective items.

12.buyer may return any Defective or nonconforming articles or lots to seller at seller's risk and expense.

13.techniques used to eliminate Defective products or to improve performance standards and practices.

14.and use chemistry extinguishes the mosquito means that easy to cause the pregnant woman to produce the Defective birth, the miscarriage.

15.within the warranty time, if the Defective rate more than8%, we keep the right to ask you to return the defects.

16.improper pressure on top rollers due to Defective parts or defect in weighing systems. at middle speed, crush material and Defective products;

18.if it's Defective, i think you have to give me my money back.

19.replace Defective and loud auxiliary units.

20.if the Defective system can be determined, couple the functioning altimeter system to the altitude-keeping device.

21.what at night had been perfect and ideal was by day the more on less Defective real. this product Defective or under recall?

23.the reliability of conclusions was verified by statistical data of a number of Defective products. view is that this crisis is a product of a fundamentally Defective financial system.

25.the fridge you sold me is Defective.

26.girls in an affected family can also be tested to see if they carry the Defective gene. or services which do not comply with all of the above shall be considered to be Defective.

28.given the fact that the measuring instruments were Defective , the experiment was bound to be a failure.

29.covers repair and replacement of Defective parts of the products.

30.there are too many Defective items in this shipment.

31.i bought this coffee pot here yesterday and it's Defective.

32.i returned the appliance because it was Defective.

33.retailers can return Defective merchandise.

34.the car battery is Defective and should be replaced.

35.the toy company has decided to call in the Defective products all over the world.

36.her sight was becoming Defective

37.Defective food is often a result of horrendous industrial pollution that has seeped into the water and soil.

38.adjacent relations and Defective rights is the two key legal practical issues. other words, if the product is not accessible for target users, then the product is Defective.

40.the sea is often polluted by oil which escapes from damaged or Defective oil tankers.