Defection Sentence Examples | Use Defection in a sentence

1.detection and repairing of typical Defection in concrete lining

2.on quality Defection analysis of grc wall panel and preventive technology

3.both cooperation and Defection do not relate to any absolute standard of morality. the early stages of the investigation, we made a complete reexamination of the circumstances of philby's Defection. was he who first fingered philby in the usa after Defection of burgess and maclean.

6.this was part of the reason he could not use overwhelming force to maintain his grip (the apparent Defection of the army played a part too).

7.we cannot get along in a world filled with deceit and Defection; such a world becomes a hobbesian war of all against all, nasty and brutal.

8.exit polls suggest that it was the Defection of independents from the democrats that sealed the republican victory.

9.he denounced the Defection as a stab in the back.

10.the minister's Defection, though, is a potential gold mine of intelligence about the libyan government.

11.the devil's Defection from the ranks of the angels and adam and eve's choosing to eat the forbidden fruit in the garden of eden.

12.unilateral double-arm external fixator for the treatment of bone nonunion and Defection of tibia simultaneously with lengthening and compression year after sin's family's Defection was rejected.

14.objective to report the clinical result of repairing Defection in leg by using both the vascular tissue flap and external fixations .

15.casing-cement sheath and formation formed a vertical hydraulic isolation system; hydraulic isolation ability of the system formed by cementing mainly depends on Defection and strength of the system.

16.kitty and lydia take his Defection much more to heart than i do.

17.had it not been for the Defection of leamas.

18.a gating circuit of the power amplifier was introduced, this method successfully solutes the high noise Defection of present power amplifier.

19.his Defection from the party dim his political career.

20.but his Defection came amid further signs of intensifying instability in syria.

21.syria's government lost its highest-ranking sunni member, prime minister riad hijab, in what his spokesman called a Defection to the opposition as the rebellion against president bashar al-assad inflames sectarian emotion in the middle east.

22.a new method for the fabric defect Defection based on texture watershed

23.Defection: china's economy is overheated real "culprit"? there was a Defection in september 1960* do you remember it? on loss of 3d curved prestressing tendon due to pipeline friction and local Defection

26.we asked her to write about her Defection from the north, her experiences in adjusting to life in the south and what she does now.

27.the mobile agent defects the intrusion through various Defection techniques.

28.we accept free replacement for any Defection or missing parts if it occurred in our production line or during the transportation.

29.a group of military students planned a mass Defection, they were all slaughtered.

30.we also give out a realization of the model by discussing the problem pas customer Defection in this article. the days since then, with colonel qaddafi having gained ground in tripoli, the Defection no longer seems to be on the table.

32.piecemeal Defection for any weak country is dangerous, unpredictable and costly.

33.abstract: this paper introduced the basic control mode of automatic control system of coagulant dosage, taking the technique of streaming current Defection for example, and then the merits and demerits of each control mode and the applicability was analyzed.

34.besides, the Defection rate of pad is90%. have to realize that 1% Defection of a product equals 100% loss for the customer. Defection image acquisition system based on similarity theory

37.this will be the second high-level Defection after the former foreign minister moussa koussa defected to the united kingdom.