Defect Sentence Examples | Use Defect in a sentence noon yesterday, many come to pick up the child parents on a green scarf is not understood, that school this Defect, no parents opinion. software development, the intent is not to follow particular procedures or to meet explicit exit criteria and Defect numbers.

3.she had surgery to correct a Defect in her left eye.

4.a report has pointed out the Defects of the present system. generally provides assistance and Defect reporting for supported tools. ma dongxing said, "the heart Defect is not large, suitable for interventional treatment. "

7.stammering is probably an inherited Defect.

8.this non-confidential data does not enable developers to accurately reproduce a Defect or to perform realistic and suitable testing.

9.a piece of code might solve a Defect but break something else in the code.

10.effective Defect tracking is crucial to both testing and development teams. not sacrifice to the lord your god an ox or a sheep that has any Defect or flaw in it, for that would be detestable to him.

12.this resulted in earlier detection of Defects and faster Defect fix turnaround time.

13.he was born with a hearing Defect.

14.a Defect of vision prevented him from focusing accurately.

15.he tried to Defect to the west last year

16.explored the long-term operation of the ship after the Defect is proposed to be taken in operation management measures and recommendations. least eight deaths and 130 injuries have been linked to the Defect.

18.the methods of Defect signal extraction in the oil pipeline magnetic flux leakage detection are introduced.

19.figure 7 shows the Defect/ feature migration result for the example in this article.

20.local flap is often used for reconstruction of soft tissue Defect due to trauma or tumor excision.

21.prenatal diagnosis refers to diagnosis of the fetus regarding its congenital Defect and hereditary diseases. can see the impact that a requirement change or Defect fix will have on test cases.

23.provide brief instructions and information about the Defect in a text file.

24.causal analysis and Defect prevention is an extension to the software inspection process.

25.the Defect in the drainage must be remedied.

26.not only was our Defect rate lower, but the architecture and design were superior.

27.this includes Defect and change tracking along with software asset management.

28.the place had also a more abiding Defect.

29.this is best explained with an example, so let's continue with the Defect example we started above.

30.he Defected from the party in the late 1970s. this really a Defect?

32.for a child to be born with this disability indicates a Defect in obstetric care.

33.she finds a bug in the product she tests and needs to file a Defect. what could be considered a minor Defect in an automobile could translate into a recipe for disaster for a motorcycle rider.

35.and study the influence of welding speed and active gas for welding porosity Defect.

36.if you were experiencing incorrect or unexpected behavior in your current level of db2, it might have been due to a product Defect.

37.the contractor shall, if required by the engineer, search for the cause of any Defect, under the direction of the engineer.

38.objective to discuss the application of expanded skin flap transfer with modified fixation method in repairing finger Defect. this example, you created a task mapping for the Defect record type.