Defecation Sentence Examples | Use Defecation in a sentence study the effect of caress on Defecation and jaundice of newborn. hemolytic icterus occurs in the neonate of the horse and swine.

2.wheat cellulose Defecation difficulties after treatment of hemorrhoids of clinical research

3.these approaches have contributed to a shift away from open Defecation, improving sanitation and hygiene. every moment water escapes the body through sweat, urination, Defecation or exhaled breath, among other routes.

5.the emphasis is on prevention by ensuring clean water, promoting good personal hygiene, and food handling practices, including hand washing and trying to prevent Defecation in open areas.

6.a receptacle for urination or Defecation in the bedroom.

7.application of nursing process in the nursing care of the patients with abnormal Defecation

8.many patients increased frequency of Defecation, thinning, with mucus.

9.effect of nursing intervention in solving the patients 'difficult Defecation with suspension bed treatment

10.objective to investigate the effects of metal exposure on Defecation behavior in nematode caenorhabditis elegans.

11.including process: ingestion, digestion, absorption , assimilation, egestion Defecation.

12.the mattress is equipped with an osculum (4) running from top to bottom and a Defecation hole (6) positioned on the hip of the patient.

13.a shallow vessel used by a bedridden patient for Defecation and urination.

14.the evidence for feeding that we observed firsthand in the Defecation trails was corroborated in the ship's laboratory.

15.john doe is this month's "king of Defecation". a squatting posture, the bend straightens out, like a kink ringed out of a garden hose, and Defecation becomes easier. fact, this is only for constipation is quite serious and difficult Defecation talents to use.

18.a hospital bed adapted to facilitate Defecation comprises a bed frame and three mattresses covering the whole bed surface.

19.the utility model is a novel bedpan lifting device applied to the ward bed with a Defecation hole.

20.impact of Defecation time and frequency on elderly constipation

21.discharge time of the initial meconium, gastric residual milk, the mean daily stool frequency and average daily volume of Defecation were recorded in two groups.

22.the utility model can solve the problems of urination and Defecation for patients lying in bed, especially the patients who can not self-care.

23.analysis on related factors of functional constipation and establishment of Defecation habit in 162 infants

24.the mattress is equipped with an osculum ( 4) running from top to bottom and a Defecation hole ( 6) positioned on the hip of the patient. containing cellulose stimulate peristalsis, accelerated Defecation, it also purge role.

26.hands should be washed immediately after Defecation, after handling babies'faeces, before preparing food and before eating.

27.the two groups were compared in terms of the shape of stool, Defecation difficulty, abdominal distension status and poor stool output.

28.the right way of Defecation plays an important role in our lives and health. is essential to organize sanitation facilities immediately, such as designated Defecation fields or collective trench latrines.

30.traditional diagnostic techniques may be augmented by quantitative physical examination and fluoroscopic assessment during Defecation.

31.objective to evaluate the effect of u-type colonic loop substitute for colonic pouch on Defecation function after anterior resection for distal rectal cancer. monitor their Defecation level.

33.continued constipation, diarrhea or stomach pain, as well as frequent urination or urination, Defecation pain, may be related to colon cancer, bladder cancer or kidney related.

34.Defecation training of traditional chinese medicine impact on constipation in acute phase of severe head injury

35.Defecation ( or bowel movement): elimination of feces from the digestive tract. is not only eat in the morning on an empty stomach can help open Defecation, but also have the effect of beauty. literally, a few minutes before that, i downloaded this scientific paper about calculations on avian Defecation.

38.feces ( or excrement or stools): solid bodily waste discharged from the colon through the anus during Defecation.