Defecating Sentence Examples | Use Defecating in a sentence

1.the Defecating weight and the moisture of the dejecta were obviously increased ( p < 0.01).

2.then, observed the changes in symptoms and signs of the two groups in the second, ninth and sixteenth days after operation, such as wound pain, bowel conditions, bleeding and wound secretions when Defecating, and scored these observing indicators.

3.they sleep for months without eating, drinking, urinating, or Defecating.

4.sanitation facilities-people are Defecating in open spaces.

5.the utility model relates to a cleaning device for people after Defecating, belonging to the small electric appliance of the daily life article.

6.the hospital-keeping time, exhausting, Defecating, transition and normal diet time for celioscope surgery is obviously less than celiotomy surgery. was the same stream where, just meters ahead, a woman was washing clothes and a man was Defecating .

8.when he suspects that ingeborg is displeased with him, udo buys her a clay figurine depicting a peasant in the act of Defecating.

9.establishment of a method to measure rat's Defecating time by feeding black rice instead of infusing liquid ink

10.freezing, aggression, fearful postures or facial expressions, trembling, salivating , urinating, Defecating, evacuation of anal.

11.and third, while they're in this paddock, they are, of course, Defecating madly and their very nitrogenous manure is fertilizing this field.

12.excreting: is your stool disciplinary? any complaint or constipation when Defecating?

13.Defecating some questions about harmonic current index distribution for consumer in national standard one was seen urinating or Defecating on the roadsides or along the railway tracks, a ubiquitous part of indian scenery. because of at forepart process, the fiber has present downtrend, and after Defecating recycling six roller seed cotton cleaning up machine it suffer further injury.

16.Defecating function was improved in 4 patients.

17.many dogs act out their boredom and loneliness by barking, destroying stuff, digging, and urinating or Defecating in unexpected places.

18.method: Defecating in 24h, water content in stool, advance function of stomach and intestines and acute toxicity of drugs in three groups of experimental animals ( small mice) were observed.

19.results after operations, the rate of satisfactory Defecating function was 94.9% for all the 176 cases.

20.sanitation facilities - people are Defecating in open spaces.

21.these oversized furry cats, with a masterful sense of smell and long bushy tails, then digest the cherries for up to 72 hours before Defecating them out in fir-conesque cylinders.

22.methods: select 80 cases of the mixed hemorrhoid postoperative patients, detailedly observe the variation of postoperative Defecating condition, fill postoperative observation table, and use linggu heji to heal patients suffered constipation at the first postoperative defecation.

23.in2008,2.6 billion people had no access to a hygienic toilet or latrine and1.1 billion were Defecating in the open.

24.the abdominal muscles support and protect the internal organs and take part in exhaling, coughing, urinating, Defecating, childbirth, and motion of the trunk, groin, and lower limbs.

25.conclusion: feeding black rice may be considered as a potential method to measure Defecating time instead of the infusion of liquid ink.

26.[ objective] to study the effect of a dietary fiber complex in relieving constipation and Defecating feces excretion.

27.patient had changes of Defecating.

28.the results as follows: effects of the df on the gastic-intestinal function of mice were evaluated based on the feeding weight, the alimental using coefficient, the Defecating weight, the first Defecating time, the moisture of the dejecta, the alvine advancing rate. the behavioral factors, washing hands after Defecating of the pupils, the habit of parents drinking unboiled water and the families washing fruits and vegetables before eating were influencing factors of pupils 'ascaris infection. 6.

30.our daily lives consist of clothing, eating, living, and moving. it also consists of Defecating .

31.the other patients recovered completely with normal passage of gas and Defecating functions and no abdominal distension.

32.cohort study on influence of cholecystectomy on flatus passing and Defecating function in patients with benign gallbladder disease

33.the utility model has the advantage of enabling the disabled and patients lying in bed to solve the problem of Defecating and urinating without help.

34.various combined methods for Defecating the rice fragrant spirit with a low degree of alcohol were studied by means of microporous barrier filtration technique.

35.the first Defecating time of all groups were of great difference ( p < 0.01);

36.results rehabilitation problems and difficulties of patients with rectal carcinoma after colostomy mainly concentrated on local nursing, regular Defecating, choosing articles, worries about sex life and occupational rehabilitation.

37.methods in the form of one-one and collective instructions, patients were guided in psychology, eating, sleeping, moving and Defecating.