Defecate Sentence Examples | Use Defecate in a sentence ordinary times our Defecate, just eliminate the Defecate inside rectum.

2.of pets; trained to urinate and Defecate outside or in a special place.

3.fills me with the urge to Defecate!

4.results all patients in both groups had no hemorrhage, abnormal Defecate anti anal straitness after operation.

5.that question is up there with other greats, such as'is the pope catholic?'and another one about whether bears Defecate in the woods. was the first time to use inorganic membrane technology to Defecate concentration solution in soybean isoflavone processing. captured to say by savage in hill to the lover: you ate off the Defecate of the other side to put you.

8.because tumor is oppressive , grow the tumour in pelvic cavity rectum , the appearance of Defecate is not a circle however flat look.

9.there is no way for them to ride roughshod and Defecate over our heads.

10.he said too many elected members "do not have toilet facilities in their own houses and Defecate in the open". of dietary fiber can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help Defecate, reduce gastrointestinal diseases.

12.they do not eat, drink, urinate or Defecate. addition, test of blood capillary brittleness is positive, Defecate concealed blood, there is red blood cell in make water, cure of vitamin cp reaper gets effective rapid.

14.they just a nasty, will be in the street or on the sidewalk, make Defecate indiscriminately total permeates the air in the nasty smell.

15.if people must walk a considerable distance to a latrine, they will Defecate in a more convenient location, regardless of the health hazard.

16.however, this practice is still widely spread in southern asia, where an estimated 44% of the population Defecate in the open. least 600 million indians, half the total population, Defecate outdoors, and most of the effluent, even from toilets, is dumped untreated into rivers and streams.

18.from defacing ancient egyptian temples to exploding in epic airport meltdowns to letting children Defecate in the middle of airports, chinese tourists have earned a bad rap.

19.but when you Defecate, best not to do it in the woods – too many insects.

20.ollie manages his harmful response basically is intestines and stomach the path is unwell, for instance gastric bowel bilges oil of platoon of gas, bellyache, Defecate. the victim continues to lose control of his bodily functions, he will involuntarily vomit, Defecate and urinate. revolting against non-availability of a toilet, this woman has done a revolutionary act in india where more than 660 million people still Defecate in the open, leading to serious diseases, he said. should drink plenty of water, eat food with high fiber content and vegetables, and Defecate daily.

24.the utility model relates to a device capable of helping patient with dry stool and constipation smoothly Defecate, especially a smooth defecation device.

25.i hold to the ware on the dog can not Defecate how to do it?

26.zhongshan, this bird does not Defecate trash place which, the chicken does not lay eggs!

27.and we know plants don't Defecate.

28.i'm running to Defecate, pass me that freaking newspaper quickly!

29.animals Defecate after every meal.

30.differentiate diagnose: accompanied symptom arouses ache when likely diagnostic Defecate, can last a few minutes to come a few hours.

31.because tumor is oppressive, grow the tumour in pelvic cavity rectum, the appearance of Defecate is not a circle however flat look. don't try to Defecate while lying flat on your back tied to various machines with somebody shouting at you!

33.objective: investigate the incidence rate of children functional constipation ( fc) in chengdu city, to find the Defecate habit and the feature of epidemiology and cause of fc.

34.Defecate is us after edible food, after be being absorbed through digesting residual, still do not put certainly inside the large intestine after Defecate keep have a bowel movement.

35.sometimes the pets might Defecate in public places, which is bad for environment and public image.

36.pigs are very clean animals and choose to Defecate in an area separate to their feeding area. devi must wait until dark simply to go into the field behind her house to Defecate.

38.stool light are out, do not Defecate when severe natural flow, pollution, underwear, very inconvenient for the patient.