defeatist Sentence Examples | Use defeatist in a sentence

1.i don't approve of your defeatist attitude.

2.even in india, one sometimes hears defeatist talk of this kind (see article).

3.too often lately, america seems to fall into this sour, defeatist attitude: nothing can be improved, any change will be for the worse.

4.there are difficulties, but being defeatist can't help.

5.there, at the nationalist wartime capital, he found the situation tense and atmosphere defeatist.

6.being defeatist will get us nowhere. come in here with a defeatist attitude.

8.the relations between philosophical tcm and defeatist sudden change of tcm systerm

9.a defeatist attitude can be pervasive in its negative impact on the outcome of one's mission.

10.myra: roy, don't be defeatist.

11.i mean it. if you go into any family gathering with a defeatist attitude you stand very little chance of actually enjoying yourself.

12.he had been assailed as a coward and a defeatist by his own friends.

13.another, oddly defeatist, response is that japan needs manufacturing because its service sector is not competitive enough.

14.being a bit defeatist, aren't you, mccormack?

15.others abolished the people's armed forces and discarded guerrilla warfare, which caused dissatisfaction among the people, increased defeatist sentiments and brought about confusion. bush can perhaps dismiss the defeatist mood of the elite.

17.the common thread is that they did not become defeatist or depressed.

18.eradicate negative thoughts, we can learn to substitute healthier, empowering thoughts for many of our defeatist messages.

19.they are also creating and spreading rumors, inducing defeatist sentiments, pursuing a policy of mollification and denouncing our anti-japanese laws and orders, in an attempt to destroy our anti-japanese base areas.

20.he failed again and again simply because he had maintained his defeatist attitude. has a sleepy, defeatist india suddenly been galvanised into action?

22.the defeatist route is to take our ball and go home rather than play with the kid down the block.

23.i was in a defeatist mood when he told me the result.