Defeated Sentence Examples | Use Defeated in a sentence

1.exhausted, frustrated, but far from Defeated, the young hero pushes on in an attempt to capture the bottle of sacred water from korin .

2.thanks to the love and encouragement of her mother, she finally Defeated the disease and faced the disability bravely.

3.i even played chicken with a huge bus, its horn blaring like an out-of-tune concerto. the bus was bigger, and i was Defeated.

4.there were times when the challenges of writing such a huge novel almost Defeated her.

5.the Defeated radicals of the french revolution were the first to have this messianic vision in 1794.

6.the officers were still reluctant to unleash their troops in pursuit of a Defeated enemy.

7.there had been, long before marx, doctrines teaching the total war leading to the radical extinction or enslavement of the Defeated.

8.a coalition could have Defeated the government and wrecked the treaty

9.he Defeated the champion in three sets.

10.the mandalorian death watch was the most feared army in the universe at the time, and had never been Defeated.

11.some political observers have speculated that he might have to resign if his party is badly Defeated in an upper house election.

12.britain's martine le moignan Defeated her countrywoman suzanne horner in four games.

13.when winston churchill was Defeated in the 1945 general election, his wife, clementine, told him it was "a blessing in disguise" .

14.the general was totally Defeated.

15.liz davies took the issue to the party but was roundly Defeated.

16.middlesex Defeated derbyshire by bowling out the opposition. the final capriati, the third seed, Defeated katerina maleeva.'s very likely the bill will be Defeated in the lords.

19.he can claim to have been Defeated by opponents copying his own tactics. 6: 25pm, just before the store's closing, Defeated, i began to get myself ready to leave.

21.there is a real prospect that the bill will be Defeated in parliament.

22.we never Defeated them on the field of battle.

23.our school Defeated that school at [ in] football.

24.before long he rebuilt a strong army and Defeated the enemy.

25.the proposal was Defeated by just one vote.

26.she Defeated developers who wanted to bulldoze her home to build a supermarket.

27.duke was soundly Defeated in this month's louisiana governor's race.

28.the citizens beat off the first attack but later were Defeated.

29.governor dewey, the last white hope of chiang kai-shek, was Defeated. and with him the generalissimo.

30.he Defeated his opponents in this election.

31.after all, i am Defeated by him.

32.i felt empty and hollow; Defeated

33.being Defeated is often a temporary condition. giving up is what makes it permanent.

34.the ministry has been Defeated by an overwhelming majority.

35.the Defeated general showed his submission by giving up his sword.

36.the under-21 team has Defeated wales and scotland this season, and ran england very close attempt by anti-abortionists to tighten the rules was Defeated.