Defeat Sentence Examples | Use Defeat in a sentence

1.and he seemed to see, quite vividly, a girl: one whom no hardship would ever Defeat, one as passionate as a flame.

2.the most important thing is not to admit Defeat until you really have to

3.a Defeat like that makes you sit up and think.

4.the proposal was Defeated by just one vote. 1916, the german empire decided to focus again turned to the west line of attack, trying to Defeat the french.

6.Defeat could cause one side or other to escalate the conflict.

7.he seems unabashed by his recent Defeat

8.sampdoria lost their unbeaten record with a 2-1 home Defeat against genoa.

9.there were times when the challenges of writing such a huge novel almost Defeated her.

10.the enemy is not reconciled to his Defeat.

11.the Defeat had inevitable consequences for british policy.

12.the general was furious to hear (= when he heard) of the Defeat.

13.much to the disappointment of his fans, he went down in Defeat, losing to a competitor from the visiting team.

14.'there is a thin line between scoring and not, a win and a Defeat, it's just a few centimetres of woodwork, the bar or post.

15.the conservatives have suffered a humiliating Defeat one of his last speeches, made weeks after tripoli fell and he was a fugitive, he exhorted libyans to Defeat the uprising.

17.the navy played a limited but significant role in Defeating the rebellion

18.the minister resigned last night after a stunning Defeat in sunday's vote

19.washington seems to be concluding it cannot Defeat the national resistance militarily.

20.the world champions suffered a sensational Defeat.

21.helen gained some compensation for her earlier Defeat by winning the final open class

22.a 2-1 Defeat by sweden left them bottom of group one.

23.he talked about the country's ephemeral unity being shattered by the Defeat a desperate attempt to stave off Defeat, he reluctantly promised wholesale reform of the constitution

25.he gave money to the world health organisation to help Defeat smallpox

26.second-placed auxerre suffered a surprising 2-0 home Defeat to nantes.

27.he swore to Defeat odin's plan.

28.the prime minister is heading for certain Defeat if he forces a vote

29.if sandy's music got to be too burdensome, some time, i would let a knight Defeat me, on the chance that she would desert to him.

30.the americans were still smarting from their Defeat in the vietnam war

31.he risks Defeat in the referendum which he called, but which threatens to boomerang against him.

32.the vote is seen as a Defeat for the anti-abortion lobby

33.they see this election as a chance to put the final seal on the Defeat of communism.

34.facing total Defeat in vietnam, the french subsequently conceded full independence to laos.

35.the Defeat of the dark, to which most of you look forward as a goal or endpoint, is just a milestone on a long and winding path!

36.a few months after the Defeat of the metarex, tails remains waking up to the same dream about cosmo at the day of the Defeat.

37.the terrible Defeat has shaken the army morale.