Defaulting Sentence Examples | Use Defaulting in a sentence

1.true, if oil companies start Defaulting on their bonds, the effects will ripple through the financial system.

2.overstretched borrowers were bound to start Defaulting in large numbers once the housing bubble burst and unemployment began to rise.

3.mexico needed$ 1 billion to avoid Defaulting on loans to new york banks.

4.the discussion as to whether or not the Defaulting company was liable to pay damages turned upon the meaning of a word in the contract .

5.the u. s. Defaulting on its debt is like an elephant jumping into a backyard swimming pool.

6.and a third was to cut the risk of borrowers Defaulting, using cdss with insurers like american international group.

7.hernandez was taken to the police station after being arrested for Defaulting on his contract.

8.and as a result, they basically will be Defaulting on their promises.

9.would a Defaulting chancellor be taken to the tower of london? late last year, the company faced the prospect of Defaulting on junk bonds that had originally been secured in 2004.

11.simultaneously, the Defaulting party should bear all legal consequences and should compensate the other party for all kind of losses.

12.troubled banks then who have this the problem banks have now is they have these securitized mortgages that they've bought and the homeowners are Defaulting on the mortgages now.

13.without additional borrowing authority, the federal government risks Defaulting on its debt obligations, which could spark a financial crisis.

14.the private-equity firm has since struggled with its investment and needs to raise funds to avoid Defaulting on a bank loan backed by emi.

15.Defaulting to the channel initiator's user id should not provide full administrative access.

16.that gives the government just a few more weeks to reach a deal or face Defaulting on its loans.

17.we begin to look a lot like greece [ in danger of Defaulting on debt]. why do so many people end up Defaulting and losing their cars?

19.they are scrambling for cash to avoid Defaulting on bank loans.

20.the bond issue was evidence of optimism in the markets that the greek government will avoid Defaulting on its debt repayments.

21.instead, a number of economists like the idea forming a "bad" bank to buy up assets tied to Defaulting mortgage loans and other troubled debts. many american states, in contrast to britain and spain, a lender has no recourse to a Defaulting homeowner's income or other assets.

23.the Defaulting securities firm may not reject or raise objection to the price for and manner in which the gtsm coordinates handling of the relevant money or bonds.

24.and with the economy buoyant, debtors could afford to meet their interest payments without Defaulting.

25.the credit card business is down, and more borrowers are Defaulting on loans

26.shall not be reduced or modified by any act or omission of the company or any non-Defaulting funding shareholder pursuant to this clause 5. least one Defaulting chinese bidder has used nonpayment to make a political point.

28.greece, portugal and ireland have already had to borrow money from their euro neighbors in order to avoid Defaulting on their debts. was on the verge of Defaulting on its international debt.

30.greece, the weak link in the eurozone, is inching closer to Defaulting on its debt.

31.china medical technologies was forced into involuntary bankruptcy the following august after Defaulting on its bonds.

32.third, allow some Defaulting banks to go bust.

33.the district attorney processed against the Defaulting debtor.

34.he warns that at least half a dozen developers are in serious danger of Defaulting on their bonds. has had limited access to the international financial system since Defaulting on its debts in 2001. captains may also be able to substitute problem players in preference to them Defaulting some or all of their games. buys protection against a certain bond Defaulting, while the other sells protection in a swap agreement.

38.defenders of cov-lite loans say they prevent investor losses by allowing stretched borrowers to survive without Defaulting. Defaulting on our obligations is a reckless and irresponsible outcome to this debate.

40.the specified address is used instead of Defaulting to the dhcp server's pool of addresses.