Decomposing Sentence Examples | Use Decomposing in a sentence

1.on the criteria to be used in Decomposing systems into modules.

2.and then rules could be decomposed according to rule Decomposing mapping and the standard dimension.

3.multibody systems were modeled by means of Decomposing one bilateral constraint into two unilateral constraints.

4.acid-base treatment was used to measure the change of coarse cellulose, estimating Decomposing degree of e. ulmoides leaves.

5.the level of detail in Decomposing into tasks will vary considerably from one estimate to another.

6.methods: 1 the multi-channel meg data were preprocessed, such as lowpass filtering and principal component Decomposing.

7.least function dependence is the basis of Decomposing database pattern.

8.the database manager ( dbm) handles data retrieval and update by Decomposing sql requests automatically into sub-requests.

9.the dissertation studied on earthworms'action in the material Decomposing and transforming in the pinus koraiensis broad-leaved mixed forest in the northeast of china.

10.fig.1.effect of infection time by alginic acid Decomposing bacteria on the production of reactive oxygen species.

11.denaturing refers to removing a property from the alcohol (being able to drink it), not to chemically altering or Decomposing it.

12.weathering prepares the rock for transport by Decomposing and disintegrating it.

13.Decomposing a dsl solution into smaller building blocks ( separate tiers) presents some interesting architectural options.

14.influence of different wavelet basis, different threshold selection standard and Decomposing scale on denoising result is analyzed as well. Decomposing path information, lseq avoided recording repeated information and reduced labeling length.

16.defining interfaces and Decomposing a system are an important aspect of scaling up to larger systems.

17.they then analyze each task, Decomposing it in a sequence of steps.

18.Decomposing a simple polygon into convex cell is one of elementary problems of computational geometry.

19.Decomposing a table into regions is a key mechanism for efficiently handling large tables.

20.give yourself for a five-year goals, then, and Decomposing it into half year after year, half a year, three months, a month., there's no giant box to store at the end of it all or even worse, a sadly Decomposing tree.

22.part of the boundary p within the sediments can be released to the sediment interstitial water by Decomposing or dissolving.

23.the construction of pre-Decomposing system of kiln inlet is described, and influencing factors of Decomposing rate of kiln inlet and improvement measures are set forth.

24.theexperiments showed that the decrease of grain sizes can largely decrease the Decomposingtemperature and in crease the Decomposing speed.

25.the paper researched on four kinds of cellulose-Decomposing bacteria about their Decomposing rice straw abilities.

26.Decomposing task and transferring classed information in collaborative design system

27.should be able to make accurate estimates by Decomposing complexity . should be able to review estimates prepared by others .

28.fusion spectrum and texture information of rs image based on Decomposing fuzzy density

29.sure, they'd leave cum stains on your grave marker, but it has to be better than Decomposing in the ground like a human turd.

30.we will, with great success, analyze these trajectories by Decomposing this very complicated motion.

31.this intense radiation would unavoidably have freed oxygen by Decomposing the water vapour and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

32.Decomposing sar image and protecting target region for compression

33.cellulose Decomposing microorganisms, as an important part of them, were found to be very useful in the utilization of livestock and poultry manure.

34.well, he was dead, Decomposing on the floor.

35.reaction kinetics of the first stage in the process of urea sulfuric acid Decomposing phosphorus rock; after day, the laughing man continued to stand lashed to the tree with barbed wire, the dufarges Decomposing at his feet.

37.research on adsorption characteristics of weathered coal in acid Decomposing phosphate rock system;

38.the and-or graph stochastic grammar is used for the understanding, Decomposing, learning and sampling on shape object.