Decomposable Sentence Examples | Use Decomposable in a sentence

1.noise smoothing in learning the parameters of Decomposable markov networks

2.for Decomposable functions, a macro-agent evolutionary model is proposed.

3.the paper is to make some analysis on some kinds of Decomposable tableware in current market. other words, the values of these data types are Decomposable, and we must therefore be aware of their internal construction.

5.Decomposable set is an important concept of multivalued analysis. this paper, we give a necessary and sufficient condition that closed Decomposable operator, is strongly Decomposable.

7.we give several equivalent conditions for Decomposable weighted n shift operators.

8.Decomposable ability of f_1 strain to lignin and cellulose of corn stalk

9.all of its 12 motors and 21 sensors were distributed in a Decomposable network without a centralized controller.

10.based on the awgn channel and the 16qam modulation, a simulation for Decomposable and non-multi-edge ldpc codes are shown. this paper we discuss the problem of triangular decomposition of matrix on lattice and give a solution of fuzzy relation equations. besides, we give some practical calculating methods and sufficient and necessary conditions for a to be triangularly Decomposable.

12.this article introduces the concept of a strongly dense ideal in the theory of parallel Decomposable lattices.

13.thus, we obtain an equivalent condition of the Decomposable element in v  ̄( 2).

14.composite biomaterials had better mechanical properties and suitable Decomposable capability.

15.this paper presents hyper inverse γ-distribution in order to perform bayes inference from Decomposable gaussian graphical models.

16.vk_1 is stable in air, moisture and dilute acid but it is very easily Decomposable when exposed to light.

17.non-Decomposable waste in northern tibet to bring out, buried in situ decomposition.

18.control strategy for Decomposable system

19.using homotopy methods, this paper gives an analysis on the existence of zeros of the Decomposable mapping, and finds its application to a class of nonlinear eigenvalue problems.

20.using the theory of quadratic form the necessary and sufficient condition for complex quadratic polynomials in several elements to be decomposed into two one order factors and the Decomposable method are obtained.

21.Decomposable adj. the leaves decompose underground.

22.a direction of generalization is that when the cut is 'nearly' a clique (a clique with a few edges missing), g is Decomposable by s.

23.the induced spanning subgraph was employed in studying the property of the graph of Decomposable tensor.

24.according to the basic technique composition and the Decomposable character of hurdling the expression and the basic combination form of the integrated and decomposing teaching methods in hurdling teaching were discussed. this paper, using the results of sz-nagy and foias, we proved that contractions of class c_ ( 11) whose characteristic function admits a scalar multiple are Decomposable operators.

26.algorithm for Decomposable production system

27.based on these results, assuming that cyclopentadiene-vitamin k_1 adduct possesses a more Decomposable tendency of retro-diels-alder.

28.the upper bound for the permanent of the partly Decomposable nonnegative matrix

29.clinical application of ct guided puncture biopsy in peripheral pulmonary lesions with gun-type in Decomposable cutting needle

30.a shift towards Decomposable goods would continue economic growth, decrease garbage growth.

31.disable "Decomposable aromatic amine dyes. "

32.[ methods] the Decomposable installment was used to determine mercury in food.

33.objective to study the Decomposable compound of oxazepam.

34.this paper using the relative and absolute index, and the Decomposable theil index evaluates and analyzes the regional economic disparity in henan.

35.integer sets method for quadratic programming and Decomposable quadratic programming

36.animal experimental study of the treatment of esophageal stricture with a new Decomposable esophageal stent

37.a class of operator and the spectral theory(ⅲ)& ( ac) operator, Decomposable operator and spectral operator this paper, the definitions of Decomposable operators and spectrum Decomposable operators on a locally convex space were given, the equivalence of two operators was proved. some results on duality theory of Decomposable operators on a locally convex space were obtained.