Deceiver Sentence Examples | Use Deceiver in a sentence

1.serpent – the great Deceiver ( satan) clothed himself as a serpent, one of god's good creatures.

2."godot" is the big Deceiver in lives while people are looking for it all the time. is a turn-coat: first a friend, then a Deceiver, then an enemy.

4.this process is also revealed in the numerous fabliaux and popular legends in which the robber is robbed, the Deceiver deceived, etc.

5.the Deceiver will provide surface agreement to using agile but will silently attempt to ignore or even sabotage the project in order to put the blame on agile.

6.this is a Deceiver and an antichrist. would not encourage such a Deceiver? dismiss her, by all means, at once!

8.around the time of medivh's birth on azeroth, kil'jaeden the Deceiver sat and brooded amongst his followers within the twisting nether.

9.( of people or their actions) crafty; deceptive with him are strength and effectual wisdom; the deceived and the Deceiver are his.

10.a Deceiver is negative about agile but is usually so because they have thrived using traditional or no method and see this as an impact to their working culture.

11.cheat, Deceiver, fake, faker, fraud, imposter, impostor, pretender, pseud, pseudo, role player, sham, shammer.

12.just as satan is "a murderer . . . and the father of lies" (john 8: 44), antiochus was a Deceiver and destroyer.

13.then sauron the Deceiver gave to them nine rings of power. genesis, yahweh had condemned the serpent to crawl on its belly as a Deceiver of humanity, yet all who entered the parthenon to worship or admire the great statue were forced to look up to both athena and the serpent.

15.if a liar and Deceiver comes and says, 'i will prophesy for you plenty of wine and beer, ' he would be just the prophet for this people!

16.for the moment let us leave the cartesian hypothesis that the psycho-analyst is a Deceiver. her husband and father, she was a clever Deceiver, so her father did not find the teraphim .

18.saying, sir, we remember that that Deceiver said, while he was yet alive, after three days i will rise again.

19.and it is difficult to see how the trick can be any easier when the intending Deceiver and the intended victim are the same person.

20."you call me old witch, do ye, you Deceiver!" says she," when ye ought to ha'been calling me mother-law these last five months!" a letter read to members of his new life church sunday, haggard said he is "a Deceiver and a liar." haggard apologized to his congregation in the letter and asked for their forgiveness. the statement read by another clergyman, haggard called himself "a Deceiver and a liar" and said he had a dark side.

23."you call me old witch, do ye, you Deceiver! " says she, "when ye ought to ha' been calling me mother-law these last five months! "

24.with him are strength and effectual wisdom; the deceived and the Deceiver are his.

25.despair is a greater Deceiver than hope.