Deadly Sentence Examples | Use Deadly in a sentence

1.the two became Deadly enemies

2.i was Deadly sleepy.

3.there was a sort of friendship between the two men, who were all the while Deadly rivals.

4.greed is one of the seven Deadly sins.

5.she finds these parties Deadly.

6.he made a monkey out of his mother by lying on the ground Deadly.

7.the energy department plans to solidify the Deadly waste in a high-tech billion-dollar factory.

8.adams and i were Deadly enemies. is here that most students fall into a subtle and Deadly trap.

10.'whatever you say,' he said in a Deadly flat voice. 'i'll sit here and wait.' is very unnerving to find out that someone you see every day is carrying a potentially Deadly virus.

12.the united states had been Deadly serious in its threat of military action.

13.gluttony is a Deadly sin.

14.passive smoking can be Deadly too

15.the terrorists have chosen to play a Deadly game with the civilian population.

16.people around the indian ocean have been marking six months since the earthquake and Deadly tsunami that devastated a string of countries.

17.his mother's voice was one he knew; ice cold and Deadly

18.bee stings, food allergies, and medications can be Deadly, even if you think you don't have allergies.

19.both mushrooms look innocuous but are in fact Deadly

20.however, another investigation has been opened to determine whether the Deadly crash could have been the result of a plot. its quiet way, mass advertising has been Deadly and inexorable.

22.he was acquitted on charges of assault with a Deadly weapon.

23.tempted by a dream of happiness, he had yielded himself with deliberate choice, as he had never done before, to what he knew was Deadly sin.

24.they took him to the station and booked him for assault with a Deadly weapon.

25.envy is not just a Deadly sin, it is also an emotional reality.

26.the duchess levelled a Deadly look at nikko.

27.this was because sex and drugs became Deadly.

28.the authorities are looking into last week's Deadly gas explosions.

29.a Deadly accident at a chinese amusement park last week has spawned a mystery that officials are still trying to unravel.

30.on today's moment of science we'll learn how too much of a good thing can be Deadly, at least for microorganisms.

31.the two together are particularly Deadly.

32.the north wind was bitter and Deadly cold

33.she took the gun and blazed away with calm and Deadly accuracy.

34.england seems to be suffering from a Deadly case of deja vu, or perhaps, a wake up call.

35.broadcast news was accurate and reliable but Deadly dull

36.over the centuries, smallpox has been one of mankind's most feared and Deadly diseases with a history dating back at least 3500 years.

37.instead, it conjures up a Deadly poison that seems to seep out of the flowers.