Deadening Sentence Examples | Use Deadening in a sentence husband and i settled into a Deadening routine;

2.he contrasted america's tradition of lively religious liberty with the Deadening effect of state sponsorship in europe.

3.mobilization and Deadening during object management of medical treatment and nursing quality

4.two types of drugs ease pain: analgesics reduce or eliminate pain without causing unconsciousness or Deadening the nerve centers.

5.additional, wall, condole can choose Deadening very, if mineral wool is sound-absorbing board wait.

6.turret adopts optimal design, using double design hopper which is filled in Deadening materials, the equipment has very good safety and is environmental friendly.

7.conformity almost always leads to a Deadening of individual creativity and energy.

8.then the accuracy of the conclusion is verified. firstly, the gt-power software is used to calculate the transmission loss of several main kinds of mufflers by changing the parameters of their structures. then the factors of increasing low frequency noise Deadening capacity are identified.

9.the general story of why we can't in general is because there's no surprise, there's no mock aggression, and also there may be a general Deadening of self-stimulation.

10.another approach is to use more effective sound-Deadening insulation around the engine compartment . a gauge of investor expectations for the future, the action is in the offshore forwards and options markets, which, in the words of one analyst, are further away from the Deadening hand of the pboc.

12.mental exercises that prompt group members to think more critically can counter that Deadening effect, according to ms kray.

13.they also offer better sound-Deadening and anti-vibrating properties as well as improved resistance to shock and high temperatures.

14.alcohol can have a dangerously Deadening effect on the senses.

15.the slavery of being waited upon is more Deadening than the slavery of waiting upon other people.-mackenzie, compton

16.the gas barrier property measurement for Deadening felt in negative pressure

17.conflict and struggle are far more Deadening than the seeing of a woman's face, or even perhaps than sex itself.

18.i must remember not to add to the destruction by breaking a child's spirit and Deadening his sense of liveliness.

19.order has been established. at the price of a paralysis of the spirit, a Deadening of the heart, and devastation of life.

20.its gravitational repulsion would offset galaxies 'gravitational attraction, thereby Deadening their motion.

21.with Deadening pragmatism, the commission says liberalisation will improve quality and choice and reduce state subsidies. the work of the air temperature and pressure environment, a good muffler is supposed to having greater sound Deadening capacity in a certain range of frequency and lower pressure loss.

23.all this is good news. but i worry that so much of this potential spirit of enterprise is squandered, thanks to the Deadening hand of the state.

24.but i worry that so much of this potential spirit of enterprise is squandered, thanks to the Deadening hand of the state.

25.the most Deadening, dull, derivative work he'd ever seen.

26.these were the circumstances and the hopes which gradually brought their alleviation to sir thomas, Deadening his sense of what was lost, and in part reconciling him to himself;

27.its gravitational repulsion would offset galaxies' gravitational attraction , thereby Deadening their motion.

28.after the analyzing and the researching, the process program of developing the Deadening composites was worked out; has been proved that the laser microbeam diameter can not be changed by means of Deadening of laser energy through indifferent filter. but: drilling diameter ≤ damage spot diameter ≤ laser microbeam waist diameter may be obtained. resistance material and other decoration materials, such as suspended celling, clapboard and Deadening, etc.

31.she was bored with the Deadening routine of her life.

32.all too often they become enmeshed in Deadening routines.

33.noise Deadening austin flint respiration will never lose your child-like love of learning, but you may find traditional teaching methods very boring and even mentally Deadening.

35.any heavy walling is better because the Deadening of sound depends on the weight of the wall. often there is a Deadening norm.

37.lightweight magnesium valve covers, ignition cover, and sound Deadening plastic outer clutch cover.