Deadbeat Sentence Examples | Use Deadbeat in a sentence

1.statcom mathematical model is set up to derivative the Deadbeat statcom control model for unbalanced load.

2.Deadbeat predictive current control method for three-phase grid-connected inverters the basic principles of the apf described, a repetitive predictor based Deadbeat control scheme is given to predict harmonic current.

4.the parallel active power filter based on the Deadbeat control

5.the simulation results show that the control effects of the two algorithms are much better than that of the Deadbeat control algorithm without compensating disturbance.

6.application of Deadbeat control in series active power filter

7.a patient who cannot pay is turned over to a collection agency, like any other Deadbeat.

8.a novel Deadbeat predictive current control strategy was adopted according to the characteristics of three-phase grid-connected inverters.

9.a new var optimal compensation strategy based on data mining and ant colony algorithm Deadbeat control technique in inverter system for digital ups

10.they want me to track down the kid's Deadbeat dad.

11.Deadbeat decoupling control of vsc-hvdc systems for grid connection of wind farms

12.police officers have the power to stop him at customs checkpoints if the Deadbeat tries to leave the country.

13.if you were married, and settled down, and were so unfortunate as to have known steelman in other days, he would, if in your neighbourhood and Deadbeat, be sure to look you up.

14.everyone agreed that mary's new boyfriend was nothing but a Deadbeat.

15.simulations of dc motors in ripple-free Deadbeat control of current Deadbeat control grid-connected inverter based on dsp

17.when harry's aunt begins talking about his Deadbeat dad, who has died, her wine glass explodes in her hand, due to harry's powers.

18.but he did not want to feel like a Deadbeat. the credit card industry there are two types of customers-the Deadbeat and the revolver. today's media, the only fathers we see are the "Deadbeat" days.

21.Deadbeat control technique in inverter system for digital ups

22.application of fuzzy control theory to Deadbeat control scheme in three-phase pulse width modulation rectifier

23.the pleasure you have from it, i believe, is by no means less than that a hunter gets from a Deadbeat rabbit at his mercy.

24.simulation and analysis of three-phase four-wire four-leg apf with Deadbeat control

25.embarrassing me in front of my friends, like i'm a Deadbeat.

26.Deadbeat control strategy for four-quadrant converters based on repetitive compensation observer

27.a Deadbeat control based dynamic voltage restorer with line voltage detection going to hook up with that Deadbeat?

29.had i known you were such a Deadbeat, i never would have taken on your project in the first place.

30.he's a real Deadbeat who's never had a proper job.

31.the Deadbeat svpwm control is an effective solar photovoltaic grid-connected inverter control methods.

32.i'd say it's time we had a showdown with that Deadbeat cousin of yours.

33.that is, until the Deadbeat father of this gifted 13-year-old black kid from the findlater gardens projects appears out of nowhere.

34.the new law is aimed at Deadbeat landlords who owe$ 22 million.

35.research on single-phase photovoltaic grid-connected inverter with Deadbeat control

36.because of the new "Deadbeat dad" iaw.