Dead Sentence Examples | Use Dead in a sentence

1.her mother, who was traveling with her from paris to visit relatives in the comoros, is among those feared Dead., a short story! began to feel terror in the middle is very funny, very sad ending. once there was a ghost, put the ass, Dead.

3.meadowhall is also Dead easy for people to get to

4.we used to grumble that we were wasting time learning a Dead language.

5.we all stopped Dead and looked at it

6.they hurried about in Dead silence, with anxious faces's a Dead issue, baxter looked half Dead after that journey

9.this was a company that, by all appearances, had risen from the Dead

10.i wouldn't be seen Dead in a straw hat.

11.the group had shot Dead another hostage.

12.he adjusted each chesspiece so that it stood Dead centre in its square last question: suppose, lord russell, this film were to be looked at by our descendants like a Dead-sea scroll in a thousand years time.

14.this bottle's Dead. but we've got another one.

15.but, alas, by the time george has thought all this, the ants are already Dead and mopped up on a wet cloth and rinsed down the sink.

16.i couldn't fly illegally into a country in the Dead of night

17.on another occasion i answered the phone and the line went Dead.

18.the deal with chelsea may not, however, be Dead.

19.but this water seems Dead: it's polluted and horribly stagnant.

20.he dropped Dead on the quayside.

21.but that doesn't mean this brand of politics is Dead or dying

22.i thought the whole business was Dead and buried

23.if they hadn't found me, i'd be Dead now. harry stuck his wand up its nose and ron knocked it out with its own club.

24."he said, 'you go there, and one minute you're with your buddies and the next minute you're Dead, ' " mr. hoyt recalled.

25.this had been in the evening when we were all at home, and mother had come running up the street with the Dead, dripping child in her arms.

26.a fishing boat came out of nowhere, Dead ahead.

27.her husband's been Dead a year now

28.often a genius is recognized only after he is Dead and gone.

29.'that is correct, meg,' he answered in his cold, Dead voice

30.this made that holiday week a particularly Dead period.

31.then he heard a piercing scream echoing down the deep well, ending in a dull, Dead thud.

32.their arrows are Dead on target

33.fairweather said he did not understand why it happened, because the soldiers in the training process was told to respect the Dead enemy.

34.mars was visible, Dead in the centre of the telescope

35.a 'no' vote would have left the treaty Dead in the water. least six people have been killed in deraa since the unrest began on friday; syrian forces shot Dead four on friday and one on sunday.

37.lila's boat came to a Dead stop.

38.pamela's reaction in london to the news about henry had indicated that the romance was far from Dead.

39.the Dead cigarette was still between his fingers