Dead beat Sentence Examples | Use Dead beat in a sentence've been working too hard, you look Dead beat.

2.i can't go any farther. i'm Dead beat. i' m Dead beat after going through all this mass of details of the case !

4.we must recognize load properties and estimate its parameters to exactly control the output of a Dead beat controlled inverter.

5.a method for recognizing load properties and estimating its parameters for Dead beat controlled inverter and simulation of digital controller based on Dead beat control system

7.once again though, all they will be doing is to bring a real bill to a Dead beat borrower.

8.i'm Dead beat after going through all this mass of details of the case! doubt the store was crowded with last minute christmas shoppers and the staff were Dead beat and longing to get home.

10.firstly this paper builds the inverter model. secondly it makes theoretical analysis on feedback control, iteration control, pid control and Dead beat control.

11.series-wound active power line conditioner with Dead beat control

12.agate is a Dead beat and no one in our class wants to lend him any money.

13.the long-distance runner was Dead beat as he crossed the finishing line. over current protection method of pwm inverters using Dead beat control

15."bless me, i do believe i've been asleep," he cried," well, i'm Dead beat; i think i shall go to bed."

16.mark is one of them. he has trouble with a girl who turned out to be a Dead beat.

17.i am Dead beat today. is usually the case with people who go over houses , mr. guppy and his friend are Dead beat before they have well begun .

19.a mathematical model for the control object of frequency synchronizer in a quick-acting quasi-synchronizing device is discussed and the pulse transfer function d ( z) that satisfies the "Dead beat performance criterion" is studied.

20.infml i was Dead beat after running the marathon.

21."bless me, i do believe i've been asleep, " he cried, "well, i'm Dead beat; i think i shall go to bed. " horse is Dead beat, and i can't get him no further than the stable.

23.after the long climb up that mountain we were all Dead beat .