De jure Sentence Examples | Use De jure in a sentence

1.second, treatment no less favourable means the prohibition of both De jure and de facto discrimination.

2.from the perspective of ownership, the standard can be divided into two sub-standards, namely, De jure standard and de facto standard, the latter of which can also be divided into ordinary de facto standard and forum standard.

3.the authority of the appellate court and the supreme court is only to conduct De jure examination or legal review and not fact review.

4.then seeing the purpose of intellectual property legislation, the means as well as De jure, the service invention incentive legislation is necessary and reasonable, and of theoretical roots.

5.he was De jure prime minister, but de facto president.

6.a person in possession is not bound to prove that the possessions belong him. 3.he is the De jure owner of the property.

7.the basis for one china, de facto and De jure

8.the gaza strip is unusual in being a densely settled area not recognized as a De jure part of any extant country.

9.with an eye to the disjoint of law and practice , chapter 1 demonstrates that the adjudicative power shall belong to adjudicator De jure.

10.De jure objections, by contrast, while perhaps more widely urged than their de facto counterparts, are also much less straightforward.

11.after the introduction of the principle of public summons into the law relating to the rights over things, the distinction between De jure and de facto right of things becomes an objective reality.

12.ruling by law and by benevolent policy is two ways to manage state affairs De jure.

13.most governments today are not true De jure regimes, and a proper system for replacing them is to be carried out by our earth allies.

14.compliance with article 17 requires that the integrity and confidentiality of correspondence should be guaranteed De jure and de facto. all things which regard the external relations of the individual, he is De jure amenable to those whose interests are concerned, and if need be, to society as their protector. contains details of the De jure and de facto standards, as well as reference information.

17.managing state affairs De jure and by benevolent rule reflects the great progress and perfection in the administrative theory.

18.israel is the most disliked country in pakistan. pakistan did not extended De jure recognition to israel because of its firm support for palestine.

19.but such ownership is merely a De jure ownership; the successor does not possess every estate in fact.

20.punishment can be divided into : the de facto and De jure disciplinary punishment.

21.some scholars thought in our country still under the imperfect market economy system, should not act with undue haste to one-man company's De jure recognition.

22.whereas in cases where a third party has acquired the right of things, the starting point of legislation and judicial protection should be De jure right of things.

23.most of them as De jure population, whose age structure and sex struc-ture were of imbalance, had developed the northeastern frontier region with the minority nationalities there.

24.the application should be able to process meaningfully any stream of bytes you send it that it does not reject as De jure invalid.

25.chapter ii goes on to explain the trial-level system on how to allocate the function of civil appeal and how to distinguish the de facto trial from the De jure trial by the comparison with the foreign relevant legislation.

26.i admit that i seek not just de facto independence for taiwan but also De jure independence.

27.which branch of government determines who has sovereignty De jure over a piece of land? chen's pledges had been a stabilising factor as china threatens war should taiwan seek De jure independence.

29.since there is no single, definitive resource regarding soa, the term soa has been commandeered to represent the interests and agendas of many; such is the problem of De jure standards.

30.he is the De jure owner of the property. its annual report on the chinese military, the pentagon said china was "rapidly developing coercive capabilities" to deter taiwan which beijing considers a renegade province from seeking De jure independence. account, De jure exchange rate regimes, and de facto exchange rate regimes

33.though the king De jure retained the mandate of heaven, de facto the title held no real power.

34.indo-us civil nuclear deal certainly provided india with nuclear supremacy in terms of nuclear technology and De jure recognition to indian nuclear program, though india is not a party to npt ( nuclear nonproliferation treaty).