De facto Sentence Examples | Use De facto in a sentence

1.when this little baby grow up and that for her mother who donated sperm, that is, De facto father, love each other know each other.

2.he continued to rule the country De facto.

3.the united states functions, that is, as the world's De facto government.

4.the basis for one china, De facto and de jure

5.supported by russia, abkhazia and south ossetia achieved and maintained De facto independence from georgia.

6.zhou xiaochuan, who had said the yuan's current De facto peg to the u. s. dollar is a 'special' measure that will eventually end.

7.the prime minister is De facto president of the country.

8.this might be interpreted as a De facto recognition of the republic's independence.

9.the rational unified process is the De facto standard software engineering process in use today.

10.the growth of entrepreneurial ventures suggests that the question of whether such commerce can exist has De facto been answered.

11.this puts them De facto at a comparative disadvantage.

12.he was de jure prime minister, but De facto president. the early years of java web development, sun and microsoft battled for control of the De facto standards for building dynamic web pages.

14.until ms. ko died of breast cancer in 2004, she was mr. kim's De facto first lady and a fierce campaigner for her sons.

15.the government of china took different measures to deal with De facto marriage.

16.specific performance of its rights in: it is a De facto control of housing.

17.this is the De facto standard library for embedding swfs.

18.however, provincial broadcasters have gained De facto control of rivals through content production and programming agreements.

19.a De facto tax increase for practically everybody.

20.there would be zero room for publishers to negotiate anything in such a De facto monopoly.

21.rational unified process is the De facto industry standard for project lifecycle development and management.

22.composite applications are becoming the De facto programming model in the industry both in it and consumer oriented applications.

23.he said the De facto government "should make themselves responsible for the security of president zelaya and of the brazilian embassy. "

24.right now, wholesale short term funding is De facto insured but evades deposit insurance charges.

25.can companies terminate De facto labor relationship?

26.his goal may be De facto partition of ukraine. is tempting to think that this De facto cross-platform standard is a strong indication of the proven correctness of the idiom.

28.though the king de jure retained the mandate of heaven, De facto the title held no real power.

29.they would all be asking me that. lhalu would know what De facto recognition meant, but probably he was the only one.

30.palette& a palette of tools is the De facto means for creating new objects in a diagram.

31.i admit that i seek not just De facto independence for taiwan but also de jure independence.

32.they have a De facto relationship although they aren't married.

33.the ssl and tls protocols have become the De facto standard for securing network communications.

34.fiscal decentralization in china is not a strict decentralization in legally, but a kind of De facto decentralization.

35.soma has been recognized as the De facto method ( or capability pattern) to support soa development. a result, flash video became the De facto standard of the web.

37.he's her De facto husband, though they aren't actually married.

38.other companies have even sloppier privacy policies, but google's dominance makes it a De facto standard setter.