Daydream Sentence Examples | Use Daydream in a sentence

1.the idea for the story came to him in a Daydream.

2.he drifted off into another Daydream.

3.apparently, letting our minds wander and Daydream helps us achieve mental breakthroughs; was a nether world that only two hours earlier had been a Daydream in the man's imagination.

5.don't Daydream! read your book.

6.getting up, i left my little Daydream in the garden and walked with maharaja to the car. was all just a momentary Daydream, anyway, wasn't it?

8.Daydream and vision is good, memories and thoughts is a sweet and happy.

9.all of us know how to Daydream.

10.offscreen as on, the face looks a little too beautiful to be true, like the kind of adolescent Daydream served up in the comic strips. you work hard for success rather than Daydream about it? he returns to this Daydream and changes his life.

13.just so you know, in my mind that Daydream was about me.

14.for now, you don't have to prepare too much for it, but it would be good to Daydream a little about what you hope will happen.

15.i just like to Daydream.

16.Daydream listening: you can think about four times as fast as the average person speaks.

17.after the child has been touched will be a high fever, said the Daydream, after the fever becomes lunatic fool of dementia.

18.i have a dream, that is a Daydream. it was a Daydream circulating on a pair of silicon graphics computers.

20.i don't want to Daydream now. i believe hard work will bring me everything. love you is to Daydream of you often, think of you so much, speak of you proudly, and miss you terribly when we are apart.

22.i used to Daydream about him dieing. i thought it was the only way that clear me up.

23.i sometimes Daydream in math class.

24.he escaped into Daydreams of beautiful women's quite the nicest Daydream i ever had. b: terrific! i feel like a million dollars.

26.future aviators will love to be wrapped up in this jacket while they Daydream of one day being a pilot in the sky., i'mnot in the middle of a Daydream, i'm in a private clinic in london, andi'm about to have my fat zapped.

28.we can make mistakes unavoidably, planting to the Daydream.

29.the truth is when you Daydream you are doing a visualization of sorts.

30.he Daydreams of being a famous journalist

31.boys and girls Daydream about what they want to be. can Daydream but you can't think nothing.

33.grandma's voice, let me walk out from Daydream.

34.i am inclined to Daydream.

35.magical sword and the world gives us a very broad Daydream space, let us unconsciously indulging in it. misplace your keys, waver between work assignments and youtube, and Daydream during conversations.

37.when you do not interact with the audience, you are giving them a huge opportunity to Daydream, doze off and not listen.

38.i broke a date with a Daydream to come here. can you tell the difference between an epiphany and a Daydream? was a nether worldthatonly two hours earlier had been a Daydream in the man 's imagination.