Day lily Sentence Examples | Use Day lily in a sentence

1.contain iron rich foods laver, black sesame seed, black sea skin, shrimp skin, its Day lily, etc.

2.Day lily iron-rich, as well as vitamins a, b, c, and protein, fat and other nutrients.

3.the application in the baking Day lily by using far infrared technology

4.the results show that: 1. by rill erosion occurred, the control group occurred later than the time to deal with Day lily hedgerow occurred.

5.studies on product characters of seven Day lily varieties on middle and far-infrared attenuation performance of foams the application in the baking Day lily by using far infrared technology

7.this is because the water content of fresh Day lily have colchicine can cause poisoning.

8.a method for the determination of ca and zn and cu content of Day lily by flame atomic absorption spectrometry is established. china, local farmers have to again seven Day lily cultivation.

10.hemerocallis citrina baroni, which edible part is bud, belongs to Day lily of liliaceae and is characteristic vegetable in our country.

11.circular dichroism ( cd) spectrum analysis showed that the percentage of α-helix,β-sheet and random coil of Day lily tubulin is 27.24%, 24.48% and 48.28%, respectively, indicating a typical feature of globulin.

12.onions, green and red bell peppers, dried Day lily flowers and mushrooms are all great ingredients for soups or dishes.

13.datong yellow: yellow, scientific name hemerocallis, commonly known as Day lily flowers, is a high nutritional value of vegetables.

14.the Day lily came form china and was brought to europe by traders along the silk road. the Day lily, rose hips contain vitamin c, and store well when dried properly.

16.Day lily: this flower has a sweet taste and can be eaten raw.

17.therefore, the child often eats the Day lily to be beneficial to the healthy brain.

18.pick a handful of Day lily and pumpkin flowers for the morning table.

19.Day lily is a traditional hi eat vegetables.

20.furnished a new method to multipurpose use the Day lily.

21.vitamin a rich foods are Day lily flowers, leeks, carrots, spinach, milk, liver and other plants.