Damn Sentence Examples | Use Damn in a sentence

1.i don't give a Damn what they say.

2.that's a question Damn near every woman who ever lived has had to answer for herself.

3.Damn it! how stupid i was!

4.he Damn well better not try it now or he will Damn well get his ass kicked.

5.'did he have any enemies?' — 'not a one. not a Damn one!'

6.he doesn't, to put it very bluntly, give a Damn about the woman or the baby

7.i Damn near went crazy

8.we don't give a Damn whether he goes with us or not.

9.we weren't doing anything different to what we've always done. we're just doing it a Damn sight quicker.

10.'Damn!' he yelled at the top of his voice.

11.Damn you! i am not going to let you bully me.

12.for you to see so Damn much of my ass you ask for me?

13.i couldn't get any purchase with the screwdriver on the Damn screws.

14.it's just some Damn silly, stupid idea you might have got out of a fourth rate sentimental novel.

15.you've haunted me my whole Damn college life, but i don't need your anymore, no more than i need anyone else.

16.they don't give a Damn about the country.

17.i don't care a Damn! or it's none of my business!

18.i do not Damn tired eyes in the wider world in search of happiness, flowing from the eyes off happiness, shut our eyes and be able to grasp.

19.Damn it! it's raining again.

20.there's not a Damn thing you can do about it now.

21.i can't open the Damn window.

22.Damn, i've broken the key!

23.Damn it! the rice is burning!

24.how much did we spend on this Damn project anyway?

25.it's as near as Damn it the same thing

26.without exception, i knew, but i never took it, you know why, it was too Damn hard.

27.what a Damn fool thing to do!

28.don't be flippant, Damn it! this is serious.

29.he is the meanest person i know, you will get Damn all out of him.

30.'it's all here,' she said. 'every Damn thing.'

31.just once, i would like to see the first comment on one of these threads be, you know, actually about the Damn article!

32.don't be flippant, Damn it! this is serious!

33.i couldn't make head nor tail of the Damn film.

34.'wait a Damn minute,' mindy spat. 'nobody said anything about staying overnight.'

35.i knew Damn well what he was going to say.

36.i went back and looked at the long- division algorithm they teach in grade school, and Damn if it isn't annoyingly complicated.

37."don't you know? you're a Damn betazoid! " cursed the scientist. "i thought you could read minds, like dr. milu. "

38.a tall boy came into my class, sat down, folded his arms, and looked at me as if to say: "all right, Damn you, teach me something. "

39.Damn this machine! why won't it work?