Czechs Sentence Examples | Use Czechs in a sentence

1.with fewer than half the french and germans pictured smiling, they were more morose than the slovenians and the Czechs.

2.Czechs, poles, norwegians, dutch, belgians have joined their causes to our own.

3.however, capitalism has really taken hold in prague and the Czechs are spending like never before. contrast four in five poles and nearly two-thirds of Czechs felt the disintegration of the ussr was a good thing.

5.the Czechs have played six matches and the irish seven.

6.fletcher, who has been beset by illness since the latter part of last season, could captain the scots as the Czechs visit hampden park on saturday.

7.other ethnic groups include roma, Czechs, ruthenians, ukrainians, germans and poles.

8.there were several expatriate communities of poles and Czechs.

9.yet Czechs and slovaks are now both free.

10.all four teams have a chance to progress and the Czechs seem to be adopting a cautious approach.

11.the Czechs feel that freedom and prosperity are much more endangered than the climate.

12.following the collapse of this state after world war i, the Czechs and neighbouring slovaks joined together and formed the independent republic of czechoslovakia in 1918.

13.Czechs and poles were as anxious to claim children as the french were, and for similar reasons.

14.tainted by association with an ugly neighborhood, the poles and Czechs now better realize that safety from currency attacks can only come with the euro.

15.poles, hungarians, Czechs and the rest should have been locked out of western institutions.

16.even the warhammer online gold sceptical Czechs seem less doubtful about the merits of membership of the currency club.

17.the Czechs could at a pinch turn to quantitative easing, but elsewhere the macroeconomic policy locker looks bare.

18.the Czechs and slovaks, like any other nation, harbor within themselves simultaneously the most disparate potentialities.

19.the score could have been a whitewash for the Czechs were it not for some excellent goalkeeping from chelsea's petr cech and some poor finishing from ghana.

20.the Czechs are very proud of a new police station and footbridge they have constructed .

21.there's no denying you're a spunky little bunch, you Czechs. prague, tens of thousands of Czechs who flocked to hear him in the city's central square cheered his promise of nuclear disarmament. the past 10 years, poles, hungarians and Czechs have joined the chorus.

24.the pragmatic Czechs with all their criticism of european decision-making mechanisms will not attempt to initiate a pan-european "velvet revolution" but will promote their interests and priorities.

25.the Czechs have given up trying to produce any government at all. was dominated by the Czechs of bohemia.

27.the Czechs faced canada in the semifinals and it turned out to be one of the greatest games in olympic history.

28.the Czechs& considered a relatively bright spot of eastern europe by western europeans, but i think primarily because prague is such a gorgeous city and a popular tourist destination.

29.indeed, it is hard to see mr sarkozy taking a back seat after he hands the eu presidency to the Czechs.

30.the other decision referred to by fletcher was the rejection of a penalty appeal for scotland immediately after the Czechs had levelled from the spot.

31.even though barter trade has long been common among socialist countries, the now-capitalist Czechs, who have supplied heavy machinery to north korea in the past, are unconvinced of the benefits of a ­ ginseng injection.

32.in1940 the raf was a multinational unit, with Czechs, poles and americans adding their skills to the british flyers. unfortunately, the general public was unaware of this.

33.the Czechs have got hard games, and while i'm not saying ours are easy, it's been a difficult group and a lot of points have been dropped along the way.

34.Czechs thought that Czechs were antagonistic and disagreeable, but observations indicted that Czechs scored higher than most on levels of altruism and modesty.

35.but slovakia is bidding for independence from the Czechs, and now needs a dam to prove itself.

36.yesterday's move draws a line, for now, under a clash that broke out last month when prague reached an agreement with washington that paves the way for Czechs to visit the us without visas.

37.i thank the british people for making room to accept them, and of course the enormous help given by so many of the Czechs who were at that time doing what they could to fight the germans and to try to get the children out.