Cumulative Sentence Examples | Use Cumulative in a sentence

1.the Cumulative used size of all the log files in the database.

2.secondary mri outcomes, including Cumulative number of new t2 lesions and t1 hypointense lesions, also showed benefit.

3.dream memories are fragile, and trying to recall all the plot twists and turns on consecutive nights seems to have a Cumulative effect. is manifest that one of the main reasons of depression is overwork and Cumulative pressure. be a Cumulative process.

6.for the Cumulative impact of sensory, cognitive or decisional overstimulation, creates sickness in our midst.

7.this is useful for quickly identifying different Cumulative states of a component in a workspace or stream. token both curve of uncertainty is recommend which probability density function and Cumulative density function.

9.scientific knowledge is Cumulative.

10.that roughly matches the Cumulative amount of water that has changed hands permanently within the same state. is simple pleasures, such as a walk on a sunny day, which have a Cumulative effect on our mood

12.hangars and trim complete: 30% of work and90% of Cumulative work.

13.the average grain diameter and Cumulative relative curve of red sandstone are obtained by the grain size analysis. patent classification Cumulative and linguistic advanced search system;

15.the Cumulative result of these efforts is the healthy and sustained business growth in the last five years.

16.the benefits from eating fish are Cumulative.

17.they found that eradication results in fewer cases and offers lower Cumulative costs.

18.the Cumulative effect of executing smaller instantaneous interactions is often the most efficient way to accomplish a larger goal.

19.the table shows a pair of leak containers and a leak unit, together with a number of instances of leak units and their Cumulative sizes.

20.the Cumulative expression model which can be different, 10 changes to create the rich.

21.iterative testing provides visible signs at each iteration of the Cumulative benefits of iterative development.

22.inflation will come, we must have a Cumulative time, there is a quantitative process.

23.we also compared parity to Cumulative fertility data to evaluate the coverage of recent household births.

24.this drug has a Cumulative effect.

25.the rights of each party are Cumulative under this contract.

26.the last worksheet contains the Cumulative company wide sales figures with the averages for each department. such cases, the resulting recycle behavior is a Cumulative effect of all the updates.

28.Cumulative replace function, can replace the replacement string for prefix and suffix to achieve Cumulative.

29.sorts a set and returns the specified number of bottommost elements whose Cumulative total is at least a specified percentage. was as if the Cumulative affect of working with bill and his optimism sank in.

31.the rights, powers and remedies herein provided are Cumulative and do not exclude any other rights, powers and remedies provided by law.

32.a trusting mindset is the Cumulative result of many result of many years of education , training and experience.

33.i said the Cumulative amount of the national debts stood at 1. 2 trillion yuan, accounting for14% of the gnp. additives and preservatives may have a long-term Cumulative toxic effect.

35.this counter is not Cumulative; it displays the value observed at the end of the last garbage collection.

36.the charge and its position could influence the damage Cumulative rules of rock mass.

37.since the blog is Cumulative and we want to read in a blog like the one above, add an item, and write it out, we use the sdo xml das.