Cumbersome Sentence Examples | Use Cumbersome in a sentence links are a major part of search engine optimisation and acquiring them can be a Cumbersome task.

2.the spear, mace, and axe were relatively easy to manufacture and use, but somewhat Cumbersome in actual hand-to-hand combat.

3.ascertaining how many services a wsil references becomes extremely Cumbersome.

4.expression of hydrogenion concentrations in terms of molar concentrations is rather Cumbersome.

5.although the machine looks Cumbersome, it is actually easy to use. is the best of a Cumbersome process, and it is the worst shame and belittle it.

7.the so-called group of 20 may be a Cumbersome group, but at least it holds up something of a mirror to the world.

8.he congreve rocket was Cumbersome and poorly stabilized.

9.i hate the Cumbersome administrative procedures.

10.this makes the process Cumbersome and inconsistent.

11.people needs to carrying a Cumbersome big guy to protect his no longer now, this is very good.

12.capturing the required documentation for a problem can be extremely Cumbersome and time consuming if the system is not automated to monitor and react.

13.unlike the preceding example, the next one cannot be done in java code, even with Cumbersome syntax.

14.various method have been used for the disposal of this Cumbersome material.

15.the proposed regulations are ill-defined and Cumbersome and could be unnecessarily costly.

16.he made a concrete piano that was rather Cumbersome, to say the least.

17.understanding the patterns and it's usage had been a Cumbersome job when i started first. might be able to navigate your way through java programming problems quite easily, but find other languages Cumbersome and awkward.

19.df expert makes it easy to set up a hot folder to streamline Cumbersome workflow, improving speed producing live.

20.however, we will not use this structure since it's Cumbersome to initialize and use.

21.we are rich shelf of a large, Cumbersome, we need more nutrition.

22.automatic serial number scanning and software information detection greatly reduces Cumbersome data entry.

23.enthusiasts who have posted online reviews note, however, that the software for downloading and managing files can be a bit Cumbersome .

24.handling text on your smartphone's limited keyboard can be a bit Cumbersome when entering your data.

25.this trunk is too Cumbersome to carry.

26.but until now their solutions have been too Cumbersome, or have not produced enough power to be useful.

27.xpath can help eliminate the Cumbersome task of locating and parsing data within xml.

28.for quick prototyping or playing with some new api, typing'go'each time was very Cumbersome.

29.a Cumbersome ego is no help at all when you are trying to examine the corporate risk register.

30.this workaround can be Cumbersome if there are many methods in your web service.

31.they're making efforts to streamline their normally Cumbersome bureaucracy

32.this is a necessary stop to avoid a more Cumbersome method of operation.

33.this can be very expensive and Cumbersome, both conceptually and computationally.

34.rather than an obsession with procedure and Cumbersome governance, they should embrace trade-offs and compromise.

35.our intelligence service was untrained, Cumbersome, and almost wholly ineffectual. the country is often called by a Cumbersome five-letter acronym.

37.the old woman dangled several Cumbersome big bags in her hand.

38.for direct response campaigns, the information-gathering process is often too Cumbersome for mobile devices.

39.was equally Cumbersome and hard to move.

40.the furniture is too Cumbersome to move.