Cryptic Sentence Examples | Use Cryptic in a sentence

1.he has issued a short, Cryptic statement denying the spying charges father's notes are more Cryptic here.

3.but the abrupt and Cryptic nature of the ending has puzzled and annoyed many readers.

4.and its Cryptic documentation is hardly a starting point for designing and producing great apps.

5.michael has an elaborate plan and is covered in tattoos that are a Cryptic map of the prison.

6.cabalistic symbols engraved in stone; Cryptic writings; thoroughly sibylline in most of his pronouncements-john gunther. looks a little Cryptic but it actually just does what it says.

8.leave Cryptic notes warning someone of an impending prank then do nothing all day.

9.the fd and type columns are the most Cryptic and provide more information about how the file is being used.

10.ask nostradamus any question that can be answered with yes or no and he'll give you a Cryptic answer for you to think about. returns a text message describing the error ; you can alter it to make a Cryptic message easier to understand .

12.your application avoids Cryptic file names that are visible to users.

13.the message sent to him had been too Cryptic.

14."it is possible that the different Cryptic species will have different tolerances to these chemicals, " says king.

15.i've placed explicit return calls in this code, both of which are optional in groovy, but the code is even more Cryptic without them!

16.a surprising feature of the higher fungi, in the small sample available, is the number of Cryptic or sibling species. make such Cryptic commands more readable, you can expand history references as you type. one likes to use functions with Cryptic and hard-to-follow arguments, so write easy-to-use functions.

19.below is traditional implementation of a health risk profile scoring rule using a Cryptic file.

20.errors in j2ee applications are frequently Cryptic.

21.these log messages can sometimes be a little Cryptic, but they should always give the line number of the offending piece of code.

22.this is a slightly Cryptic prompt asking you which type of odbc driver you want to configure, and where it is installed. you thought sending Cryptic e-mails was going to help us find his killer?

24.that's a rather Cryptic title for a chapter, don't you think?

25.although they are somewhat Cryptic, they will usually help you locate the problem.

26.marvel at Cryptic error messages!

27.when speaking of the dead, it is best to remain Cryptic.

28.although there certainly are some Cryptic character sequences for commands, those sequences have consistency.

29.tomb figures in sichuan province are Cryptic but convey an impression of varied and active movement and a strong sense of humor.

30.Cryptic splice site& a dna sequence similar to the consensus splice site but not normally used.

31.enter the clues and their explanations, using the wordplay wizard for help with Cryptic clues.

32.this is significant because you should not be interrupted by Cryptic questions every time you install software, add a site to your favorites or change your pc settings.

33.notice that i have used a little Cryptic way to read a file.

34.i didn't ask what this Cryptic remark was intended to convey.

35.the web service operations inherited the Cryptic legacy component method names.

36.he had nothing to offer, he told her, but he gave her a piece of Cryptic advice: "go home and look up normal pressure hydrocephalus. "

37.i find the xml "targets" a bit Cryptic, but that fades with time as you get more familiar with what's going on.

38.however, the program has a Cryptic interface and doesn't do anything unless you give it commands. practice, few visitors have the proper configuration so they are more likely to see a Cryptic error message.

40.colonization of Cryptic growth cells was studied by observing tissue sample directly.