Crustal Sentence Examples | Use Crustal in a sentence

1.under the mountains these condition would call for a deficiency in density of the Crustal rocks.

2.the geodimeter measurements executed in april also disclosed very rapid and complicated horizontal Crustal movements.

3.the geological records fall into four main groups concerned with different kinds of Crustal activity.

4.gravity compensation of the mohorovicic discontinuity and the basic model of Crustal structure tectonics is the important manifestation of the present Crustal deformation.

6.the theory of Crustal displacement states that the entire crust of the earth can shift in one piece like the lose skin of an orange.

7.application of active block method in Crustal deformation

8.Crustal movements closed the straits, and the landlocked mediterranean began to evaporate.

9.the researchers were able to detect these Crustal motions with a global positioning system (gps).

10.this paper focuses mainly on the feature of Crustal deformation around this fault zone.

11.because a collision orogenic belt has a complicated Crustal structure, new methods have to be adopted for thermal state analysis.

12.invertion of Crustal thickness of moon from gravity field and topography data

13.therefore, this paper has discussed the items needed to pay attention before and after Crustal stress measuring.

14.depression-uplift structure is a basic structural unit developed on Crustal surface, it is secondary structure and is superposed upon larger plate tectonics.

15.the repeat absolute gravity observation included in Crustal movement observation network of china are introduced in this paper. a Crustal shift, the bulging part of the globe, the fat middle part, shifts too, developing around the new equator.

17.this southward extruding zone is thought to represent the ductile lower Crustal channel of tibet as it grinds its way to the surface.

18.fixed theory and the mobilistic theory of Crustal movements.

19.the unconformity between strata makes up an important basis in the study of geological history and the judgment of characteristics and date of Crustal movement.

20.negative dislocation model of vertical Crustal movement and background before wenchuan and panzhihua earthquakes

21.imitating covariance matrix of displacement data and its application in calculation of Crustal strain field as a whole?

22.basin floors generated at different times will exhibit a hierarchical sequence of Crustal structure and epeirogenic behaviour.

23.continuous ground tilt observation is important in Crustal deformation studies.

24.the authors introduce a new generation rzb borehole strainmeter and its application in Crustal stress observation.

25.primary study of Crustal and upper mantle velocity structure of sichuan province

26.using 40 mechanism solutions of earthquake focus and 3 synthetic solutions of small earthquake, the Crustal stress field in and around gansu region is discussed.

27.emmerich calls on an old theory that predicts a global "Crustal shift, " knocking the entire planet off its axis.

28.the changing rates of baselines reflected Crustal motion of different sites.

29.the variation of gravity field in this area may be caused by the Crustal deformation or deep transference and fault creep.

30.nor is it a reality that a pole shift, a Crustal shift, comes from the sun heating the core of the earth.

31.history, and geology, tell you that the earth has periodically experienced a Crustal shift, with predictable and survivable devastation.

32.development and application of rock mechanics and Crustal stress database system will offer participants from different disciplines the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss new models for Crustal evolution.

34.a new hypothesis for explaining Crustal thickening and significant lithospheric thinning in the jurassic in eastern china is proposed.

35.clenched in the volcanic fist, the huge basin was created by the motion of Crustal plates.

36.analysis on their Crustal and lithospheric structures, some parts of them are not characteristics of stable blocks. the Crustal stability of northwestyunnan is determined dominatingly by the active fault and seism.

38.on the anomalies of Crustal deformation& surface temperature and its correlation: a case study of wenchuan earthquake

39.a stage of laboratory experiment modelling the natural melting of Crustal rocks into granite has been initiated.

40.they indicate that the archeozoic tectonic environment is continental nucleus development and Crustal block formation, and the early proterozoic tectonic environment is represented as rift.